Captain Marvel Records Sixth Best Launch of All-Time With $455 Million Worldwide

Captain Marvel had the largest global opening weekend of any movie nonetheless in 2019 -- and also the sixth biggest of all time -- grossing $455 million (roughly Rs. 3,181 crores) because its launch on Friday. Obviously, $153 million (roughly Rs. 1,069 crores) came out of the domestic US market, although the remainder $302 million (roughly Rs. 2,111 crores) was introduced in by the rest of the markets. China led the global set with $89.3 million (roughly Rs. 624.44 crores), which makes it the third biggest opening to get a Marvel film . Back in India, Captain Marvel earned $6.93 million (roughly Rs. 48.47 crores) over the weekend, that's the best opening weekend for a Royal superhero film in the nation.

Captain Marvel had the advantage of launching in just about any market -- except Japan, where it releases next weekend -- unlike its own solo predecessor, Dark Panther, which started with $371.4 million (roughly Rs. 2,397 crores) but finally completed with more than $1.3 billion (roughly Rs. 8,436 crores). It'll be intriguing to determine if Captain Marvel will come near this record-breaking success.

Based on statistics provided by Disney India, Captain Marvel gained Rs. 15.49 crores (roughly $2.21 million) on Friday, followed by Rs. 16.79 crores (approximately $2.4 million) on Saturday, also Rs. 16.19 crores (roughly $ 2.31 million) on Sunday. In its opening weekend at India, the Marvel movie -- the first-ever using a female superhero at the lead from the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- grossed Rs. 48.47 crores (roughly $6.93 million).

With $6.9 million (or maybe somewhat longer ), Captain Marvel conquer Deadpool two ($6.29 million) to its biggest opening weekend for a Royal superhero film in India. Obviously, the largest superhero launching in India -- and very likely, for Hollywood generally -- remains Infinity War ($18.6 million).

Captain Marvel's $89.3 million launching in China places it in the Marvel listing behind Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War.

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