Apple at Dutch Antitrust Spotlight for Allegedly Promoting Own Programs

For allegedly siphoned its apps on its App Store apple, the topic of EU evaluation, on Thursday became the goal of a search.

Dutch competition bureau ACM indicated the investigation might be enlarged into Google's Play Store in future due to comparable business practices from the business.

Programs triggered the investigation for information websites that provided signs of behavior by the manufacturer into program shops during the research of the agency, ACM explained.

"ACM will explore, among other elements, while Apple acted in breach of this prohibition of abuse of dominance, by way of instance, by providing preferential treatment to its apps," that the Dutch enforcer said in a statement.

The analysis will also look to the requirement of Apple that its own payment systems are used by program developers and cover a 30 percent commission in the first season, in utilizing all functionalities of an iPhone, and problems app developers face.

"ACM is calling app suppliers to come forward if they encounter any issues using Apple's App Shop , but also whenever they encounter similar difficulties using Google's Play Store. ACM will utilize that info in its evaluation," the Dutch watchdog said.

Apple stated it treats program programmers.

"We're convinced (ACM's) review will affirm all programmers have an equal chance to be successful from the App Store," the firm said in a statement.

The European Commission, which is currently looking streaming service Spotify's criticism that its place is abused by Apple, stated the evaluation was in accord with its own instance.

"The research and the declared follow-on analysis complement the Commission's conclusion on Google Android along with the Commission's continuing assessment of Spotify's complaint against Apple's business practices," the EU executive said in a statement.

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