Jim Beam presents a "smart" decanter pouring whiskey to you

Modern technology "smart home" can offer a lot of very interesting gadgets, but sometimes there are not enough useful inventions, but also extremely funny. For example, the "smart" capacity of the "smart" capacity for alcoholic beverages. Hearing the right, the decanter. In addition, the bottle can conduct a dialogue and give advice and tell interesting facts. But that's not all, the "smart" gadget can talk with the user and the weather, but in the end, the conversation will be reduced to the fact that today the weather is great for drinking. And, interestingly, Jim Beam, the great-grandson of the founder of the company, "gave" his voice to the bottle, the master of spirits preparation. Fred Know.

Fans of modern technology have already bought out all the available "smart" decanters, the cost of which is $ 34.99. At the same time, some gadget owners, that the set of phrases for an intelligent decanter is limited and after some time the interlocutor will stop, but the main feature of the topping up of the drink, fortunately, continues to function.

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