South Korea will not regulate Bitcoin until it becomes a real currency

Many governments treat crypto-currencies in different ways. They are forbidden somewhere, they see a threat in them, they work out the laws to the extent that they are able to regulate the activity of the miners and crypto-exchange exchanges. And in South Korea it was decided to go the other way and just not to touch Bitcoin until it becomes a real currency.

"The financial regulators and authorities of South Korea do not intend to interfere in the bitcoin trade and take control of the crypto-exchange exchanges, while Bitcoin does not have the status of the official currency, it's not going to regulate it, the head of the South Korea's financial service.

The head of the financial in the casino, admitting that the miners and traders are risking their savings, but noted that they may not be able to deal with excessive gambling, this does not mean that the financial service should monitor the casino. [19659004] It is interesting that the casino was likened by the former Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, the head of the Center for Strategic Research Alexey Kudrin, but, citing this example, he warned Russian cit izens, noting that many can lose their money irrevocably.

In this case, the trade in the crypto currency in South Korea is monitored, but to interfere with the process and a full payment means.

Against the backdrop of these statements, the owners of the crypto-exchange farms and exchanges were finally able to relax, because of the possibility of freezing the trade in crypto currency, following the example of China.

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