Cat Quest: Kill my sword yourself, I have paws

Action / RPG Cat Quest came out on PC in September, a little later there were versions of the game for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, at that moment we missed this feline masterpiece, but now, with the release of the game on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, as well as the release of a large update, adding several new modes and Russian localization for PC and mobile versions, we can introduce you to this in all respects zagurchatelnoy game. Do not deprive you of really one of the main contenders for the title Action / RPG of the year.

Developers of Cat Quest, the Singapore indie studio The Gentlebros do not hide the sources of inspiration for their project. These are such great role-playing games as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. It's interesting that the story and idea of ​​the open world of Skyrim can be traced easily, like the combat part of Legend of Zelda, but it's not so obvious what you shared with the Final Fantasy game.

So, Cat Quest is a 2D action / RPG in the open world, where live solid fur seals. The seals, the seals, the witches, the seals, the adventurers and the seals are evil sorcerers. Well, a number of funny little animals monsters. Felingard is a large continent with numerous settlements, dungeons and ruins, surrounded by seas. His card resembles a card spread out on the table, a carefully drawn map of some desktop role-playing game. With funny names, funny details and an elaborate coastline. In the names of vengeance is played cat's subject. The capital is here – Kotolitsa, there are the cities of Murrrgorod, Eastern and Western Lapsk, places of the Bermuda Triangle, Kogtetochnaya Bay, Forbidden Ravnins, etc.

And such an outplay exists both in the English version and in a very classy Russian translation. Of course, not all the nuances have been preserved, but new ones have appeared. Good in the Russian version of curses, inserted from time to time by the companion of the protagonist. For example, "holy paws", "hake boiled it knows", "cat-gods", "digging my tray", etc. Well, the treatment of "my seals", "so it means, kotany", etc. Plus the addition of murring in those places where it is appropriate. In short, it's a pleasure to read texts in both Russian and English versions, so choose how you prefer.

According to the story, the main character loses his sister, stolen in the sea by a mysterious sorcerer. He throws him to the shore, where it turns out that there is a strange sign on the back of our little coteyki, and he himself is able to fight dragons. Very quickly it becomes clear that our hero is the legendary Dovakot, and the kidnapper of his sister is an evil Draco. After some time, the enemy invites you to fight with his four dragons to prove his strength and free his sister. And for this you will have to swing, swing and once again swing, carrying out the tasks of the local population, regularly posted on special boards.

According to the combat system, Cat Quest is a typical arcade game. All opponents have certain patterns of behavior and patterns of strokes that they unambiguously visualize before application. You have time to react, leaving the zone of defeat, and then return to apply your own spell or a couple of times to chop the enemy with a sword to assemble the magical essence. It sounds simple enough, but in fact some enemies are fast enough, and some combine several types of attacks, for example, circular and cross-shaped, so that closer to the middle of the game the fights are not so simple, but still invariably fun.

We perform quests, some of which are assembled into chains, and almost all deride the tasks from some classic RPG; explore the world; we clean the caves; open chests with loot and teach new spells. All as in traditional role-playing games. The world of the game is not very big, the quests are very funny and short – all this concessions to the ragged gameplay of mobile platforms, however, even on a PC this approach is not annoying at all. I chose the quest, always only one, ran off to the specified cave, destroyed all the monsters, got a new type of armor or weapons, went back for the reward and did not notice how the next level was being leveled.

The characteristics of our Dovakot have little – health, The power of magic. Parameters increase automatically with the level and are increased by items – armor, headgear and weapons. Objects, in turn, can also be pumped. Have found a helmet, similar to what you already have – raised the level of what lies in the inventory or is put on the character.

Cat Quest does not claim the laurels of big action / RPGs like Titan Quest, Grim Dawn, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Path of Exile, Victor Vran and other Diablo III. She has her own way. This is a very nice, very kind arcade RPG for mobile platforms with nice graphics and cute characters for several evenings. However, after the release of the patch that adds Mew Game modes (with modifiers) and New Game + to the game, you can extend the entertainment for longer.

Right now, the Cat Quest is on Steam 167 UAH, the Android version will cost you at 129,99 UAH, and for iOS in $ 4.99. The version for Playstation 4 is more expensive – 319 UAH., And for Nintendo Switch it is 350 UAH. and higher. That is, on the PC and mobile platforms, Cat Quest can be taken right now, on consoles it is better to wait for the sale.

In any case, Cat Quest is too cute to just skip such a project. Turn it around. Honest-prekoteshnoe.

Lovely characters; cute graphics; morre humor; the grieving localization

The music is a bit monotonous

Excellent action / RPG primarily for mobile platforms, parodying other genre games

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