Made in Ukraine: Overview of the GUD NODE backpack

The Ukrainian company GUD has been producing backpacks since 2012, and at the moment there are quite a few models for everyday use in its assortment. In such backpacks you can carry a laptop, a camera, as well as other things necessary for work or study. The GUD NODE model came to us for testing – it's a roll-up with adjustable volume, reinforced frame and anatomical straps. Let's see how this backpack shows itself in everyday use.

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Design and materials

GUD NODE is made in completely black color with a pattern under the grid on the outside parts. The main material of the backpack is nylon 1000D CORDURA, the lower part is covered with a special polymer and looks similar to the skin.

The materials are waterproof, they get wet under heavy rain, but do not let the moisture inside. In addition, they are cleaned without any problems.

The sizes of the GUD NODE are rather large – 48x30x18 cm with a weight of 1 kg and a volume of 25 liters. The latter can be adjusted, since the upper part of the backpack does not have a rigid fixation and is simply twisted. On how many things you carry with you, the appearance of GUD NODE also depends. If it's just books and headphones, for example, the top part of the backpack will look slightly shapeless.

If you add a laptop, charging, windbreaker, the problem disappears.

In addition, the appearance of GUD NODE varies depending on how you close the main compartment of the backpack. The fact is that he has not one, but two ways of fastening, which do not allow the upper part to unfold. It is realized through plastic latches from the top, and also on the sides.

They are adjustable in length, so you can either tighten the contents of the backpack or leave it in a more free position.

[19659008] In general, GUD NODE looks stylish, but thanks to the unusual system of closing the main office, the model stands out even among the rippers. Although it would seem, nothing new here can not be imagined. It is also worth noting that the design GUD NODE can be complemented with chevrons, which are attached to a special material VELCRO on the outside of the backpack.

All accessories in the GUD NODE are very high quality, the zippers are closed with a pleasant stroke, the plastic fastenings look durable, the seams are even, and they are sewn several times in the places where the straps are connected [19659015] Branches and pockets

One of the main parameters of an everyday backpack is its capacity, as well as the convenient placement of even small items. As it should be, the GUD NODE offers one large compartment, inside of which is a tight pocket for a laptop with a diagonal of up to 15 inches and a latch on top of which another pocket is stitched.

In addition, there is a grid inside lightning, where you can also store small things, without the risk of losing them.

Two more pockets are on the sides on the inside of the backpack, they are not very large, but they can easily accommodate, for example, a purse and small headphones, so as not to open the main compartment.

H and left and right sides are open pockets in which you can carry a bottle of water.

As you can see, GUD NODE is a classic rolltop with a large main compartment and a small number of pockets.

Ease of use [19659006] For everyday backpack an important parameter is the convenience of using it. And in this respect GUD NODE has both advantages and disadvantages.

Very often, there are two ways to access the main compartment: through the opening of the top and the zipper on the inside. This allows each time not to deploy a backpack, if, for example, you need to get a book in the subway. But in GUD NODE, there is only one access to the main compartment – through the top part.

Because of this, it is not possible to open and close the backpack quickly, it needs to be deployed first and therefore minimized. Therefore, using the model in public transport is not very convenient. On the other hand, such a system will not allow pickpockets to secretly get inside the backpack. In addition, as mentioned above, a small number of pockets does not allow you to organize your things well if you are used to carrying a lot of trifles with you.

Otherwise, use GUD NODE comfortably, it has wide straps with

There is also ventilation for the back, and the frame of the backpack in this place is reinforced with a plastic plate, so even if you fill it up with an eyeball, it will not create a ventilation grill. discomfort during wearing. Wide straps, in turn, do not press the shoulders, if you wear a backpack for several hours.

design, waterproof materials, quality tailoring and accessories, adjustable volume, protected compartment for laptop, reinforced plastic back frame, tight back wall with ventilation, wide webbing with ventilation, good protection against secret penetration

few pockets, no quick access to the main compartment

GUD NODE is positioned as a daily all-weather backpack, and in general, it corresponds to this criterion. This model uses quality materials that protect the contents of the backpack from water and snow. But you need to take into account that NODE is a classic roll-up with one compartment, and it will not be possible to open it quickly. Therefore, it is not very convenient to use it in public transport. In addition, a small number of pockets will not be liked by those who like to organize everything, and not throw in one department. Nevertheless, if you need a quality backpack with adjustable volume, then NODE from GUD will not disappoint you. This shuttle is easy to carry, it looks good and quite roomy.


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GUD Node / black (1205)

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Type Backpack urban Volume (with pockets), l 25 Weight, g 1000 Size, cm 48x30x18 Material waterproof nylon 1000D Cordura Suspension system adjustable shoulder straps, chest strap Back ventilation system + Accessories [manufacturer] no data Drinking system – [19659037] Additional features The backpack has three ways of fastening: for small items inside and a mesh pocket with zip-zipper is provided.

The editors express their gratitude to GUD company for providing a backpack for review

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