Microsoft Office now works on all Chromebooks, not just Google Pixelbook

Chromebooks originally were marketed by Google as available devices for work and study, but most of these devices did not support the popular Office suite. The developer from Redmond said that before putting his package in the content store for the Chromebooks, he needed to test on the selected devices.

Apparently, the testing was successful and now Microsoft Office is available for the rest of the Chromebooks. In particular, owners of models Samsung Chromebook Pro, Acer Chromebook 15 and Acer C771 report that they can already download the usual office software from the Google Play Store for Chromebooks. Previously, only the owners of the latest Google PixelBook could work with these programs.

The package consists of Android versions of Microsoft Office applications that have the same functionality as the corresponding applications for Android tablets. In this case, models like the 10.1-inch Asus Chromebook Flip get free access to the office suite, while the larger Chromebook will need a paid subscription because of Microsoft's rules that require owners of similar devices on Windows, iOS and Android platforms to pay subscription Office 365 to be able to create, edit and print documents.

Note that this step is aimed at increasing the number of subscriptions for Office 365, but most of the Chromebooks in schools and organizations are already surely subscribed to this service. In any case, the emergence of Microsoft Office on Chromebooks can further increase their popularity and compete more successfully with budget notebooks based on Windows 10 S, which are actively promoted by Microsoft.

Source: The Verge

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