Ilon Mask showed the electric bus for underground tunnels The Boring Company. In the priority now the transportation of passengers

Ilon Mask informed about the change of priorities of one of its enterprises. We are talking about The Boring Company, designed to solve the problem of traffic congestion.

Recall, initially the project meant building an entire network of underground tunnels under a particular city, where cars will travel on special platforms at speeds up to 200 km / h. In the spring of last year, the engineer published a conceptual video demonstrating what the Boring Company should create. But the other day Mask showed the concept of an unmanned electric bus and published a new video, indicating a change in the original plans. Mask noted that The Boring Company still plans to transport cars through tunnels, but the priority for the new transportation system is now the transportation of passengers (and bicyclists).

According to the idea of ​​the Mask, electric buses will be able to automatically make transitions between the tunnels by which they will move . They will go down into the tunnels and rise to the surface for boarding and disembarking passengers by means of special elevators. In total, it is planned to build about a thousand such sites with elevators, each of which will occupy no more than one parking space.

In essence, in its present form, the concept of underground transportation The Boring Company is closer to the metro, more precisely – its modernized and more futuristic version. The shift in priorities in the work of The Boring Company towards passenger traffic also demonstrates the attitude of the Mask to the realization of the idea of ​​vacuum trains Hyperloop. Actually, we learned last year that Ilon Mask decided to build a high-speed Hyperloop transport system, but recent events point to the seriousness of the entrepreneur's plans.

In the near future, Ilon Mask promises to publish a better video with the demonstration of the passenger system The Boring Company.

Source: Ilon Mask Twitter

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