Ilon Mask: The Tesla Roadster electric vehicle with the SpaceX enhancement package will receive 10 compact "COPV rocket motors" throughout the body

When last year Ilon Mask announced that the electric hypercar Tesla Roadster will receive a package of improvements based on the SpaceX missile technology, who believed that the speech about missiles is in the literal sense. However, in his Twitter, the head of Tesla confirmed that for the "space" acceleration, this electric vehicle will indeed be equipped with 10 rocket engines.

According to him, around 10 compact rocket engines will be located throughout the Tesla Roadster SpaceX Edition. These engines not only "dramatically" improve the acceleration time and maximum speed, but also help the electric car to brake and enter corners better. Ilon Mask suggested that thanks to these rockets, an electric vehicle could even fly.

A little later in the next Tweets, Ilon Mask clarified that it was not about classic rocket or jet engines , but on the technology of COPV (Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel), in which the acceleration of an electric vehicle will give the air of extra-high pressure, coming out of special COPV-vessels at the right time. As soon as the vessel is emptied, the electric vehicle will begin to pump it up to full state with an air pump for use the next time.

Head of the department: Tesla noted that at first glance the solution looks strange, but it really works and is highly efficient. The same propellers are used in spacecraft SpaceX, developed for manned flights NASA. Judging by the description, the nozzles of these propulsors will be fixed in the necessary directions or will be controlled depending on the situation.

Ilon Mask said that air pumps and other equipment necessary for the operation of COPV engines take up a lot of space, so Tesla The Roadster SpaceX Edition will be a two-seater, not a four-seater – the placement will be placed behind the front row of seats. He also noted that during operation rocket engines make sounds that are not too suitable for cities, so it is possible that you will only have to use the SpaceX option on country roads and closed tracks.

Note that the electric guitar Tesla Roadster was introduced at the end of last year, he got the acceleration time to 100 km / h at the level of 1.9 seconds, the maximum speed of 400 km / h, a battery of 200 kWh, a power reserve of at least 1000 km and a price tag of $ 200 thousand

, that recently Bosch showed something similar system, which suggested to keep the motorcycle from falling in case of getting on slippery part of the road due to miniature jet engines.

AND Source: Ilon Mask

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