Mercedes has published new videos of its electric vehicles EQ and EQA in real life

Mercedes has published some interesting videos about the features of its new electric vehicles, including the EQA hatchback and the EQ crossover. Interestingly, in view of the EQS premium sedan, the family of German electric vehicles is almost entirely in line with the current Tesla lineup, where the EQA will compete with the compact Model 3, the EQS with the Model S sedan, and the EQ crossover with the Model X.

Mercedes announced the creation family EQ in 2016, registered in the patent office not only the name EQ, but also a whole line of indices, which will be used to designate models – from EQA to EQX. In addition, the German brand registered advertising slogans "EQ Inside", "EQ Boost" and "Generation MEQ" ("EQ inside", "Acceleration EQ" and "Generation MEQ").

Most of all is known about EQ and EQA models , which were officially presented in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The EQS sedan is not yet available, but following the logic of the announcements of the previous models, we will see it in the fall of 2018 at the Paris or Frankfurt auto shows.

We recall that the German automotive concern Daimler AG is ready to invest 10 billion euros in developing 10 models of electric vehicles by 2025. All electric vehicles will be built on a single universal platform, will have a power reserve of at least 500 km from one battery charge and acceleration dynamics at the level of the Mercedes-Benz AMG family of sports cars.

Source: Mercedes

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