Rechargeable hybrid BMW X5 40e: express acquaintance

The best innovations in the automotive world are gradually coming to Ukraine and this BMW X5 xDrive 40e iPerformance – one of the confirmations to that: rechargeable hybrid based on the prestigious and popular crossover. What is a car? How's it going? What are the pros and cons? And, finally, what is the price? All the answers are in this article.

Externally and on the run, the classic BMW: and it's good!

At the first acquaintance of the BMW X5 40e it looks like the usual X5: a large solid crossover (length 4.9 m and width 1, 9 m), a classic silhouette with a large hood, huge rims. The rechargeable hybrid is only recognized for one detail – the charging hatch in the left front wing, on the driver's side. The hatch is small, with its cover and illuminated when charging the circuit. This car was originally intended for the US market, and therefore there is a charging plug type J1772 or "Type 1"; for the European version – the Mennekes "Type 2" connector is used.

The appearance of the rechargeable hybrid BMW X 5 40 e identical to the conventional versions of the model BMW X 5. The main difference pointing to one of the most exclusive versions in the BMW 19659007 X 5 family is the charging hatch in the left front wing. Plus a few original logos eDrive on the body.

The BMW X5 40e interior also looks like a classic BMW style, a front panel with a large wooden insert, a developed center console, a large tunnel and a "podium" . The front is convenient (after all, the ergonomics of the BMW!); behind it is spacious – after all, in the plug-in hybrid of the BMW X5 40e the battery is installed in the rear of the body, into the boot lining. However, the battery is relatively small, it only slightly reduced the volume of the luggage compartment: the manufacturer promises a standard trunk of 500 liters (versus 650 liters for conventional versions) and 1720 liters with the rear seat folded.

However, the whole essence of the rechargeable hybrid is demonstrated by one button , located near the lever "automatic" – eDRIVE. In fact, this button allows you to select one of the three driving modes. First, the AUTO eDRIVE mode: the system automatically controls the on / off of the electric motor or ICE, it is possible to work together on two motors, it is only possible to drive at an engine speed up to 70 km / h (battery charge 12-100%) or 55 km / h (battery charge is less than 12%). Secondly, the MAX eDRIVE mode: maximum use of the electric drive, speed up to 120 km / h, almost full use of the battery capacity, connection of the traditional ICE only with intensive overclocking. The third is the SAVE mode: the system supports the specified battery charge level, it is possible to force the battery on the road while driving. Plus there is a standard selector for driving modes selection (ECO PRO / Comfort / Sport) which affects the engine operation, automatic transmission, accelerator pedal response, etc.

Salon BMW X 5 40 e is also the most similar to the usual versions X 5: the shape of the front panel, the steering wheel and instruments, the spaciousness behind. There are a couple of inserts with the inscription " eDrive ". The trunk offers a double-wing swing door and a large useful volume, which did not suffer too much from the location of the traction battery in the underground.

The salon is similar, but not identical! A characteristic feature of the hybrid is the eDRIVE button, which allows selecting one of the three modes of using the common power plant. The selected mode is displayed on a small display of the instrument panel and on a large display in the center of the front panel. There is also a traditional switch for general driving style: ECO PRO / Comfort / Sport . The combination of the chosen driving style and the eDRIVE mode gives ample opportunities for controlling the character of the car.

What about riding? I was ready for the fact that the BMW X5 40e rides on electric traction softly and quietly. Also remember the high level of suspension comfort, with the responsiveness and ease of steering: the large crossover BMW X5 behaves on the road as a solid, well-trained car. The brakes are effective, the pedal is filled with a uniform force without the sensation of jumps in the transient processes between electric regeneration and the activation of the conventional brake. By the way, the degree of recuperation and battery charging varies depending on various factors: if you release the accelerator pedal, then the car goes downhill with a recuperation of 1/3 of the maximum, if you press the brake pedal, then the maximum recovery starts.

But that's what was ready – so this is to the excellent dynamics of overclocking! Nominally BMW X5 40e promises a total power of 313 hp. and acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 6.8 s at 210 km / h of the "maximum". However, in reality, this BMW X5 40e in acceleration seems to be almost as good as the Volvo XC90 T8 with 408 hp: an unexpectedly fast and dynamic car, quite at the level of the powerful 6-cylinder BMW X5. At the same time, the promised fuel consumption is only 3.3 liters per 100 km, plus a bonus of 30 km of driving exclusively on electric traction with zero fuel consumption.

What is the secret of such a speed BMW X [19659006] 5 40 e ? Under the hood is a 4-cylinder 2-liter petrol engine plus an electric motor mounted at the joint of the engine and automatic transmission: total 313 hp. and 450 Nm. The manufacturer claims a power reserve of 30 km, but the on-board computer gives 24-25 km when charging (3-4 hours) taking into account the actual driving conditions. The expense is more complicated: the manufacturer claims 3.3-3.4 liters per 100 km, but everything depends heavily on the style and driving conditions. If a short (20 km) and not fast trips around the city with a constant charge of the battery – you can go with a fuel consumption of "0". If you drive along the road – there will be a consumption like usual BMW X 5. If we talk about the average figure – it's 6-8 liters per 100 km. The main central display allows you to monitor fuel and electricity consumption, adjust the current at charging, turn on the function of air conditioning of the passenger compartment for a certain time of commencement of the trip, etc.

BMW X5 40e technology: innovations plus traditions

Continuing the conversation about the design, we proceed to the corresponding thematic section. So, the recharged hybrid BMW X5 40e is built on the basis of the BMW X5 crossover with the F15 body and according to a scheme that is similar to the already familiar BMW 530e: the petrol 4-cylinder 2-liter TwinPower Turbo engine (245 hp and 350 Nm), 8 -step "automatic" ZF, plus an electric motor (113 hp and 250 Nm) between them. Total hybrid power plant can produce 313 hp. and 450 Nm: noticeably more than in the hybrid BMW 530e (252 hp), but slightly less than a hybrid BMW 740e (326 hp) – this is such a subordination. Plus, the original all-wheel drive xDrive is retained.

However, what essentially distinguishes the recharged hybrid BMW X5 40e is the location of a traction battery with a capacity of 9.2 kWh (actually used slightly less to ensure long-term battery endurance). Unlike the hybrid based on the BMW 5-series, the traditional approach is used here: the petrol tank – under the passenger seat, the traction battery – in the trunk. The similar scheme is similar to the hybrid Ford Fusion Energi, with the only difference that in the crossover BMW X5 40e the battery is packed more "tightly" and thought out, it has a flat shape and only slightly raised the boot floor.

Rechargeable hybrid BMW X 5 40 e is a petrol 2-liter engine, an 8-in. "Automatic", plus an electric motor between them (to be precise, the electric motor is integrated in the front part of the automatic transmission, in the region of the input shaft). All components are located longitudinally, at the output of the automatic transmission – the transfer case with the drive shaft of the front wheels. The traction battery is located at the rear, in the bottom of the trunk. All settings and operation of the hybrid drive are displayed on a large central display. Depending on the chosen mode and driving conditions, the hybrid BMW X 540 e can be moved by electric traction, ICE, on two motors at once.

What is the price of the question?

But this is one of the most important questions! Consider the market situation. The new car BMW X5 40e is estimated at 1.9 million UAH or more than $ 73 thousand, but this without taking into account the costly options that have already been installed in the presented car. The only competitor who can offer a similar price is the Mercedes GLE500e also for 1.9 million UAH. and also without taking into account the price of options. Taking into account additional equipment, the price of these cars will pass the mark of 2 million UAH. But other competitors are even more expensive: for example, Volvo XC90 T8 and Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid initially ask about 2.5-2.6 million UAH, even if they offer higher power and even (in the case of Volvo) a 7- local salon. There is an impression that in recent cases manufacturers have chased after power, speed, equipment, completely forgetting about the price. As a result, when a customer sees a price of $ 100,000, he simply chooses a version with a powerful petrol or diesel V6 engine, leaving "money" for fuel.

The car in the article is a version for the US with a mileage of 11,000. km; the price is $ 69.5 thousand. Plus the bonus in the form of a car "here and now", in a good package, where there is a lot of interesting equipment: leather Dakota xenon lights, cornering lights, panoramic two-section hatch, projection of data on the windshield, audio system [19659006] Harman / Kardon 4-zone climate control, rear view camera, etc.

In the end, $ 69.5 thousand is a lot or a little? In general – of course, a lot. However, against the background of competitors and relative to the 6-cylinder versions of the BMW X5, the recharged 40e hybrid no longer requires a huge overpayment, while still offering innovative technology that stands "at the forefront of technological progress" in the automotive world. An example is when restraint and balance win absolutism.

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