Subaru Outback: "I'm older, but I'm not rusty"

With the updated Subaru Outback, I first met on the "SUVor test". Then it was an express acquaintance, but now it's time for a full review. Are you ready to disassemble the Subaru Outback to the smallest detail to catch the essence of this car? Then read the article!


To say that the Subaru Outback is a crossover at the root is wrong – this is the rarest class of SCP: the off-road station wagon. For the first time such a car appeared in 1995 and was called the Subaru Legacy Outback, because it was built on the basis of the Legacy passenger model. The general "model recipe" appeared even then and for more than 20 years remains unchanged: the increased ground clearance (originally 185 mm, today 213 mm), a good package and powerful engines, the lower part of the body with protective plastic overlays.

The first model Subaru Outback (then Legacy Outback ) made its debut in 1995 and was remembered not only by the universal, but also by a sedan in the scale. The second generation appeared in 2000: deep prediction of the predecessor, the pickup Baja and the 3-liter motor H 6. Third Subaru Outback was born in 2003: the most famous generation of this model in Ukraine. The fourth Subaru Outback is the 2009 year and a minimum of 2.5 liters with 167 hp. (previously the minimum motor was 2.0 liters). Finally, the fifth generation Subaru Outback debuted in 2015 and was refreshed in 2017 (already as 2018 MG) – this car is presented in this article.

How does it go?

Very soft! So much so that sometimes it seems too soft – sometimes the car allows the swing of the body. But between these "sometimes" you will enjoy a comfortable suspension, which literally smoothes out all the roughness of the road: no size, unimportant type of unevenness, rest assured – the car will provide a high level of comfort.

At the same time, the type of SCP has allowed Subaru Outback to avoid too large rolls. Of course, they are, but with such a soft suspension and for a tall body "crossover" – would be even more. And in general: everything in the car is tuned for a measured, sedate ride style. For example, the engine actively "takes" from the bottom (which is useful when leaving the secondary road to the main road), but then – from 50-60 km / h – provides acceleration only at a sufficient level. However, the main problem with the motor is noticeable on the track: at a speed of about 100 km / h and the need to get acceleration for overtaking everything happens very slowly – here I would like more power and traction. Especially considering that the car is a family-friendly and can go along the road with 3-4 people on board and a bunch of bags in the trunk. Of course, there is a SI-Drive system that affects the nature of the motor and the "machine" – you can choose a quieter mode "I" (Intelligent) or a more dynamic "S" (Sport) – but this system does not add the motor power in absolute . The variator perfectly inscribes the picture: a very soft start, an inconspicuous change in the gear ratio, tries to simulate a gear shift with dynamic acceleration, pulls the motor "at the bottom" in the "I" mode and allows it to "spin" a little in the "S" mode … In short, it does not expect from the Subaru Outback sports habits, rely on a comfortable-family essence – and everything will be fine.

Updated model Subaru Outback 2017/2018. you can find out by changing the headlights and grille. Under the hood is a 2.5 l engine paired with a brand-new variator Lineatronic . How not to click the switch of driving modes, but in general the car is set for a comfortable-family essence. What confirms the useful and thought-out details: for example, railings, which "in one hand movement" (actually not one, but still quick and convenient) turn into cross bars.

Not expecting sports habits, you start differently refer to steering. The car as a whole adequately reacts to the turn of the steering wheel, it's just that he clearly does not hurry anywhere. But when I turned around, the stability in the turn is colossal: the unevenness is not knocked off the course, they simply "dissolve" in the suspension, and the wheelbase is great. Similarly, on the track: a minimum of the influence of the side wind – Subaru Outback rides exactly that the locomotive on the rails. And surprisingly quietly: with such a body, with a mass of protruding elements – I was waiting for a higher noise level. But the ear is caressed only by the pedigree engine of the engine. One note: the brakes are also relaxed-unhurried. At the limit, the brakes work well, but controlling the deceleration in a normal daily ride is not very pleasant: the pedal is large and "viscous", the braking efficiency is controlled by moving the pedal. A more rigid and "dense" brake pedal is requested here.

But what is undeniably pleasing is the usual "easy" horizontal landing: you sit higher than in the ordinary sedan / station wagon, but below and not so vertically in comparison with the crossover. In this case, the considerable length of the body and the wheelbase all the same mean that the interior has a mass of space in front and behind. The driver and his companion meet the classic arrangement of the front panel and a stylish block of "climate": the temperature figures are inscribed inside the black glossy washers – beautiful! The touchscreen display is huge and colorful, it has a great picture. The rear passengers also paid a lot of attention: in addition to the huge stock of legroom, there is also a comfortable backrest with adjustable angle, ventilation deflectors, two-stage seat heating, connectors for charging the smartphone and tablet.

The front panel at first glance is simple in form, but surprises with carefully designed elements: a beautiful block of "climate", an excellent display. The seats are wide, large, comfortable: they are not even "seats", but "chairs". And still remember huge mirrors – "TVs" with bright signals of the control system of "blind zones". The instruments are comfortable and colorful: the rim color changes through the menu and in the "manual" mode of the variator, or this "disco" can be turned off altogether. The steering wheel afflicts the unnatural skin, but pleases with the heating and logical arrangement of the functional buttons – it's convenient!

There are so many picnics with children behind the place. In this case, there is adjustment of the angle of inclination of the backrest – within a wide range right up to the "reclining" position. Plus a lot of pleasant little things: heating, ventilation deflectors, sockets for charging. Taking into account such care for the family on the second row, the trunk was unpleasantly surprised: yes, a large volume (527 liters), but where are the pocket-pockets? Part of the compensation is the electric drive of the cover.

It's a shame, but the creators of Subaru sometimes forget about the little things. For example, even in the top version there are no parking sensors, sun visors rest against EyeSight cameras, and one door is controlled by two on-off buttons: one opens / closes the hatch for airing, and the second one is responsible for sliding the hatch forward / backward. But here's what I'll say: in any other car, I would write down these items in the minuses, like "defects in the cabin." But not in the case of Subaru. Because choosing any other car – Korean, French, German – you will compare it with competitors, pay attention to the details. And choosing a car Subaru – you choose it at all: for the values ​​that Subaru gives.

One of them is the belief in the symmetrical all-wheel drive and the superiority of Subaru off-road. Well, the ground clearance is 213 mm and the truth is impressive, as is the energy-intensive suspension. But long overhangs sometimes hamper an uneven, hilly, "geometric" impassability. And in slip – snow, dirt – Subaru Outback originally rides on the front wheels, with demolition. But exactly until the X-Mode system is turned on: click – and here's Subaru Outback gives what you expect from the "constellation": it turns out he does not mind taking revenge on his tail! On a slippery road, the Subaru Outback with the X-Mode system on runs generally stably and with a neutral drift, but if necessary – then by adding gas, you can just tilt the car. As a result, a safe and understandable ride is obtained even on snow and ice or spring mud and a primer.

Off-road The Subaru Outback impresses with its ground clearance and energy-intensive suspension, but it upsets long overhangs: on the first hump from the promised 213 mm remains half. With the inclusion of 19659006 X 19659006 19659006 Mode 19659006 Subaru Outback changes demolition to neutral behavior and turns "under the gas" on slippery terrain.

Are there any innovations ?

At first glance, the current generation Subaru Outback resembles the predecessor: the overall proportions of the body, the length of 4.8 m and the base of 2.75 m, a similar engine 2.5 liters and CVT-variator. But the change of generations carried a lot of changes. The addition of multiple amplifiers and other welding methods allowed to increase the rigidity of the body by 67% – and this is safety and control. The base of the front pillars has moved forward by 50 mm to feel a more spacious cabin. Chassis changed: other shock absorbers, reinforced subframe, new hubs were used. The steering wheel became sharper: the steering ratio was 14: 1 against 16: 1 before. Plus update 2017/2018. brought new settings of the chassis, LED lights, a modern steering wheel (as on the model XV), another block of "climate."

If we talk about "iron", then with a change of generations, the motor has changed most noticeably. Under the hood of the Ukrainian versions of the Subaru Outback there is an opposing FB25 engine – a mixture of the past EJ25 engine and the new FB20. Here there are still four cylinders with a counterposition and a working volume of 2.5 liters. But the new pistons and the engine control unit were used, the intake valves were increased (36 mm against 34 mm earlier), the compression ratio was increased to 10.3: 1, there was a "stop / start" system and the valve timing adjustment. In general, the engine is updated by 80% relative to its predecessor. Transmission based on the CVT-variator Lineatronic (chain, incidentally) has also changed. The current generation Subaru Outback has a main pair with a gear ratio of 4.1 (against 3.9 previously), which means improved traction capabilities. The variator has received the strengthened hydrotransformer, more effective system of cooling, a new oil pump and "flashing" of operating electronics. During the renovation of 2017/2018. The working range was widened (the gap in the ratio between the lowest and the highest gear ratio is now 7.03 versus 6.28 earlier), so the "maximum" increased by 12 km / h.

The body is bearing and reinforced with respect to its predecessor. Opposite motor FB 25 offering the old pluses (low center of gravity and the initial balance against strong vibrations), adding to this a number of modern systems. Variator Lineatronic surprises with a rare design: its first part, the connection with the engine is a torque converter (like in the classic automatic transmission), and the second part, the change in the gear ratio – is the variator itself on the basis of the chain and the contracting / decompressing cone-disks .

Drive – traditionally for Subaru – full and symmetrical. However, it is symmetric only in the alignment of the engine and transmission in a single line, which divides the car exactly in half, and, correspondingly, along the length of the drive shafts to the right / left wheels. But the division of the torque along the axes is not symmetrical: thus, in the usual mode of movement on the front wheels, 90-95% of the torque is required; on the rear wheels (for the connection of which an electronically controlled coupling is responsible) 5-10% of the moment is given; if necessary, up to 40% of the torque can be given to the rear wheels. But, and this is important, in X-Mode mode, the torque distribution again becomes symmetrical: 50/50 between the front / rear axle. And this plays an important role in off-road driving: the minimum risk of slipping and "burying" in snow or mud, the understandable and predictable behavior of the car, the ability to control the slipping of gas, etc. In addition, in the off-road arsenal of Subaru Outback, from the slope.

All-wheel drive – symmetric in the arrangement of the nodes, but with a floating torque distribution. A rigid 50/50 torque distribution can be obtained in the mode X Mode . Plus there is a help system for descent on the slope. The inclusion of different systems for off-road – buttons, displaying their work – on the instrument panel.

One of the key changes in the update 2017/2018. – EyeSight system: a whole complex of assistants for the driver, which debuted on the model of Subaru XV: here is the report from the presentation and a detailed review (I strongly advise you to read). In short: the EyeSight system operates on the basis of two cameras in the upper part of the windshield. They monitor the sequence of traffic, the distance to the car ahead of the car, react to its stopping or the beginning of the traffic. In fact, this is an adaptive "cruise" and control of the ranks in one bottle. But if with the control of ranks everything is clear, then how does the system estimate the distance to the car ahead? A method of comparing pictures from two cameras (right / left), which overlap one another. Then the difference in pixels is calculated and compared with the specified table of values: a certain difference in pixels when overlaying pictures is the certain distance of the car ahead. And how does the system respond to braking? Cameras recognize the triangle from the stop lamps: two side and one central.

In a word – it's difficult. But it works! In general, the EyeSight system correctly estimates the distance to the ahead of the car, maintains the speed, can brake the flesh to a complete stop. In addition, the emergency braking function is implemented in the city, which can allow to avoid a "catch up with a train" accident. And once again I will note: the EyeSight system surprisingly well cope with the low-lying sun, taking into account the possibility of blind cameras – thought it would be worse. However, it was not without limitations: the system is "afraid" of heavy rain and snowfall (cameras simply see the situation in front of themselves), may not respond to monophonic fences or gates (images from the right-hand left chamber are identical). And still – from personal observations – at night the system does not recognize old cars with dim dimensions.

But I was surprised that EyeSight can replace the "autopilot" in traffic jams: set the speed limit (for example, 30 km / h) and the distance, we give the command – and Subaru Outback itself follows the ahead-driving car. If necessary – completely stop, and activating the regular brakes and including brake lights. However, he does not touch himself, he only squeaks in the style of "the car ahead has already gone": to start the movement, you must press the accelerator or touch the cruise switch. I remember a similar "helper in a traffic jam" on the Volvo XC90 T8, but on the whole, on models with a radar adaptive cruise, the similar is rare.

The EyeSight system is built on two cameras instead of the usual "camera + radar ", but serves similar purposes: adaptive cruise control, emergency braking function, control of ranks, from pleasant additions – a signal about the beginning of the movement of the car ahead of the car. The control is focused on the spokes of the steering wheel, displaying the settings and operating the system – on the instrument panel display.

Update 2017/2018. generally brought a lot of pleasant changes in electronics. So, the 8-inch display in the cabin pleases with a quality picture, as well as support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies (and this equipment is "in the base"). And virtual hand-drawn buttons on the display are made deliberately large, under thumbs. There are adaptive LED lights that can turn after the steering wheel. And yet – there is a "circular view" of four cameras … Although no, stop – only three: the camera in front (in the nose), the camera from the back (boot lid), the camera on the right (looks at the front wheel). It's strange to save the camera in the car for 1 million UAH, but in the case of the Subaru Outback it is. On the other hand: there are several types of review, the picture from the cameras is good, there are auxiliary marking lines, and all the cameras are included initially in the basic equipment of the car.

The central display pleases literally everything: diagonal size, picture quality, large virtual buttons, ready to connect smartphones. The navigation map is beautiful, but voice prompts with the strongest Japanese accent do not give you an idea where to go. Preserved a couple of habitual drums, selected buttons (even touch) for the most important menu items. The review of the territory around the car is realized only on three cameras, which does not allow to call it circular. But the pictures are good, and the cameras – right in the "base". The headlights shine well, are built on light-emitting diodes, there is a function SHR (adaptive cornering lighting).

Prices and competitors

In the case of the Subaru Outback, everything is simple: the engine alone is a 2.5 liter petrol and 175 liters .с., the drive is always full with the X-Mode system, the transmission is an "automatic" in the form of the CVT-variator Lineatronic. Only the bundle is different, there are only three. The base version 2.5i-S is estimated at 990 thousand UAH. ($ 38 thousand) and offers: front and side airbags, plus driver's knee cushion, 2-zone "climate", multimedia system with 8-inch display, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, GPS navigation, three cameras for review , 18-дюймовые легкосплавные колеса, электропривод стекол и зеркал, электропривод дверцы багажника, круиз-контроль, подогрев сидений спереди и сзади, подогрев руля, систему Smart Entry (доступ без ключа и запуск двигателя кнопкой), светодиодные фары, поворотные рейлинги-поперечины на крыше, систему SI-Drive, контроль «слепых зон» зерк л, систему стабилизации VDC, пр.

Следующая версия получает к названию приставку EyeSight – и весь комплекс систем помощи водителю: контроль рядности, адаптивный «круиз», функция экстренного торможения. В качестве бонуса добавлены увеличенный дисплей в комбинации панели приборов и люк с электроприводом. Такой автомобиль оценивается в 1,03 млн. грн. или почти $40 тыс. Наконец, максимальная версия за 1,1 млн. грн (или $42,5 тыс.) – это плюс кожаный салон, память настройки сиденья водителя, аудиосистема Harman Kardon.

Автомобиль в салоне – это средняя версия Subaru Outback за 1,03 млн. грн. Из явных отличий относительно тестового автомобиля в ТОП-версии только отсутствие кожи да кнопок памяти сидений. Но все остальное на месте: светодиодные фары, «18-е колеса», адаптивный «круиз», контроль рядности, большой сенсорный дисплей в салоне…

Рассмотрим конкурентов. Прямыми соперниками Subaru Outback являются Volvo V90 Cross Country и Audi A6 Allroad, но они в разы дороже. У немцев есть альтернатива в виде более доступных моделей Audi A4 Allroad и VW Passat Alltrack, но даже в этом случае цена подобных автомобилей только начинается там, где Subaru Outback уже заканчивается. А если еще опций добавить, чтобы сравнять оснащение… Поэтому все-таки ищем кроссовер «народных» марок. Первым вспоминается Nissan X-Trail: комфортный и просторный, есть широкий выбор разных версий, включая дизель, да и в целом – удачная, сбалансированная модель. Однако Subaru Outback выигрывает в некоторых пунктах оснащения («адаптивный» круиз, память сидений) и в подсознательном ощущении «статуса»… Понимаете, сосед может купить базовый X-Trail за 600-700 тыс. грн. и на его фоне не выделишься ТОП-версией X-Trail. А вот Subaru Outback выделиться поможет. Еще больше это заметно на фоне Mitsubishi Outlander: в основных вопросах – заманчивая цена, простор салона, большой багажник, есть мотор 2,4 л – автомобиль неплох. Но ему отчаянно не хватает лоска и завершенности в деталях, что заметно на фоне Subaru Outback. Конкуренцию может составить Renault Koleos: комфортный и просторный, с оригинальным салоном, есть мощный дизель, да и цены уже снизились. Однако восприятие «имени марки» для Renault и Subaru у нас отличается – это вопрос психологии, который превращается в вопрос финансов при перепродаже авто.

Для Subaru Outback правильно отбирать конкурентов из сегмента УПП, но все подобные модели оказываются заметно дороже «японца». А если подыскивать соперника среди крупных семейных кроссоверов, то они, напротив, дешевле: ценник Subaru Outback немалый – на пути к отметке в 1 млн. грн можно выбрать вполне подходящий вариант и просто не дойти до автосалона Subaru. Хотя отмечу, если взять комплектацию Subaru Outback – то цены будут сравнимы, плюс приятный бонус в виде «имени бренда».

Стоимость содержания

Городской расход топлива обычно находился у отметки 12,5-13 л на 100 км, при экономичном стиле езды и пустых дорогах удалось получить 10-10,5 л на 100 км, если ездить динамично и/или много пробок – то расход достигал 14 л на 100 км пути. Немало, но в целом сравнимо с крупными семейными кроссоверами, когда они оснащены бензиновыми моторами объемом 2,4-2,5 л схожей мощности. На трассе при скорости 80-90 км/ч автомобиль потреблял 6-6,5 л на 100 км, при скорости 110-120 км/ч расход возрастал до 7-8 л на 100 км пути.

Общая гарантия на автомобиль – три года или 100 тыс. км пробега (в зависимости от того, что наступит ранее). Периодичность ТО – раз в год или 15 тыс. км. Минимум за обычный сервис необходимо отдать 2,3 тыс. грн., расширенные ТО обойдутся в 3,4-6,3 тыс. грн. Цены на автомобиль и ТО указаны по состоянию на июнь 2018 года, без учета различных скидок и бонусов при покупке автомобиля или его обслуживании.

В итоге

Каждый раз, разбирая автомобиль в обзоре, я мысленно задаю ключевые вопросы: выполняет ли он свою функцию, соответствует ожиданиям или нет? Первый обзор по марке Subaru был посвящен модели Forester – и автомобиль «зашел»: он был просторный для семьи и веселый для водителя, этакий добрый, семейный, вечно активный пес. А вот компактная модель Subaru XV не стала откровением: от новинки, созданной для молодых людей, я ожидал активного поведения на дороге – а получил комфорт и мягкость. Где окажется Subaru Outback?

В «топе». Ведь чего следует ждать от семейного универсала с полным приводом? Простор салона и комфорт подвески – это есть. Уверенность, что «доедешь» на любой дороге и по любой погоде – тоже есть. При этом Subaru Outback уникальным образом комбинирует ощущение «теплого лампового японца из 90-х» с массой передовых систем помощи водителю. Как-то вспомнилось ироничная фраза нового-старого Терминатора: «я постарел, но не заржавел». Модель Subaru Outback – это классный олдскул, который вдруг находит себе (и вам) уютное местечко в этом вечно-спешащем современном мире.


+ Очень просторный салон, удобная посадка спереди и сзади, огромный багажник

+ Невероятно мягкая подвеска, при этом крены терпимы и управляемость по-прежнему понятна

+ Вдруг, но во многих системах – EyeSight, LED-фары, мультимедиа – Outback очень передовой


— Мало мощности. Ситуацию могут спасти дизель или мотор Н6 – но у нас ни первого, ни второго

— Без 1 млн. грн к нему не подойти; хотя за такие деньги комплектация уже будет хороша

Технические характеристики Subaru Outback 2.5i-S AWD CVT EyeSight ZO

Кузов – универсал повышенной проходимости; 5 мест

Габариты – 4,820 х 1,840 х 1,675 м

Колесная база – 2,745 м

Клиренс – 213 мм

Багажник – 527 л (5 мест) до 1 801 л (2 места)

Грузоподъемность – 495 кг

Минимальная снаряженная масса – 1 655 кг

Мотор – бензиновый, атмосферный, оппозитный; 4-ц; 2,5 л

Мощность – 175 л.с. при 5 800 об/мин

Крутящий момент – 235 Нм при 4 000 об/мин

Удельная мощность и момент – 106 л.с. на 1 т; 142 Нм на 1 т

Привод – полный привод, система X-Mode

Трансмиссия – АКПП CVT-вариатор Lineatronic

Динамика 0-100 км/ч – 10,2 с

Максимальная скорость – 198 км/ч

Расход топлива (паспортный), город – 9,0 л на 100 км

Расход топлива (паспортный), трасса – 6,4 л на 100 км

Шины тестового автомобиля – Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport 225/60R18

Минимальная цена автомобиля – 990 тыс. грн. (около $38 тыс.)

Цена тестового автомобиля – 1,1 млн. грн. (около $42,5 тыс.)

Автомобиль предоставлен – Субару Украина

Технические характеристики

Subaru Outback: «я постарел, но не заржавел»" style="float:left; margin-right:15px;

Subaru Outback 2.5 CVT EyeSight ZO
Уведомить о появлении в продаже

Тип Универсал повышенной проходимости
Тип кузова Универсал
Габариты (ДхШхВ), м 4,82 х 1,840 х 1,675
Количество дверей 5
Количество мест в салоне 5
Объем багажника (мин./макс.), л 529 / 1801
Клиренс, мм 213
Тип мотора ДВС, бензиновый, атмосферный, 4-цилиндровый, 2,5л
Наличие и тип ДВС да, основной
Наличие эл.мотора (моторов)
Мощность, л.с. (кВт) 175 (129)
Крутящий момент, Нм 235
Тип привода полный
Тип КПП АКПП CVT-вариатор Lineatronic
Динамика разгона 0-100 км/ч, с 10,2
Максимальная скорость, км/ч 198
Доп. режимы езды Система SI-Drive – режимы езды Intelligent (мягкий и экономичный) или Sport (динамичный)
Емкость бака, л 60
Расход топлива (город. цикл), л/100 км 9
Расход топлива (загород. цикл), л/100 км 6,4
Расход топлива (смешан. цикл), л/100 км 7,3
Аудио/Мультимедиа система да
Сенсорный ЖК-дисплей да, 8 дюймов
Приборы ЖК-дисплей да, традиционные приборы + цветной ЖК-дисплей
Кондиционер да
Климат-контроль да, 2-зонный
Климат-таймер, предварительный подогрев
Подогрев сидений, руля сидений и руля
Камера заднего вида да
Камеры кругового обзора частично, три камеры
Пневматическая подвеска нет
Электропривод стекол, зеркал да
Электропривод крышки багажника да
Оббивка сидений, материал кожа
Декоративная отделка салона черный глянец, серебристые вставки, вставки "под дерево"
Легкосплавные колесные диски да, 18 дюймов
Ксеноновые фары нет
Светодиодные фары да, LED-фары
Панорамная крыша, люк люк, открывание на проветривание и полное, шторка от солнца
Дополнительно Система EyeSight – контроль рядности, адаптивный круиз-контроль, функция экстренного торможения. Полный привод, система X-Mode для бездорожья.

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