Suzuki SX4: the simpler – the better (plus a comparison of motors and trim levels)

On the one hand – the compact crossover Suzuki SX4 is no longer a novelty, but the model is popular and in demand among buyers. On the other hand – in this class there is a massive update of competitors. What can the Suzuki SX4 offer on their background, what are the pros and cons of the model?


The first generation of the Suzuki SX4 debuted in 2006 – a mixture of hatchback (proportions and compactness of the body) and a crossover (ground clearance, versions with four-wheel drive). Over time, Suzuki SX4 received a couple of interesting versions: the body "sedan", a double under the brand FIAT. The car became popular all over the world, including Ukraine. The Japanese decided to repeat this approach, and in 2013 they launched Suzuki SX4 of the second generation, both models being produced in parallel for a while: the novelty was named Suzuki SX4 or S-Cross depending on the market. In early 2016, the second generation SX4 was upgraded: a new front part, headlights and lights, an improved multimedia system in the cabin, appeared 6-st. "Automatic" (instead of the variator earlier) and a turbo-engine of 1.4 liters 140 hp

Model Suzuki SX 4 is a mixture of a hatchback and a crossover: the clearance is 180 mm, there are all-wheel drive version. During the last update, the car has changed noticeably in the front, plus a number of changes in technology have occurred.

The article presents the car in the maximum version of the GLX with a 1.4-liter 140 hp motor, other versions will also be briefly noted

How is it going?

The Suzuki SX4 test car is equipped with a 1.4-liter BOOSTERJET engine paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission – and it's a great bunch for a normal and slightly dynamic ride. The engine draws well from the bottom (1.5 thousand) to the very top (5-6 thousand rpm), it has a phenomenally smooth character of traction in general without dips in the specified range, it reacts quickly to pressing the gas pedal. "Automatic" is also good – smooth, fast, inconspicuous switching up and down; does not resist sharp acceleration and kick-down; Quick adaptation to the driving style of the driver. In short, in matters of power, traction control, the operation of the automatic gearbox – everything is fine.

But here's the nuance: behind the wheel of the Suzuki SX4 you do not feel any fuss, even despite the engine that can drive dynamically. Here's the crossover Suzuki Vitara S pleased with the drive and acceleration, with him I would sometimes like to "flick" from the traffic lights. And in the Suzuki SX4 140-horsepower engine is not for "lumbago from traffic lights", but for "confidence and reserve under the right foot." This crossover is made as a family, traditional in nature. And if so, then the other requests …

Appearance Suzuki SX 4 is devoid of aggression and fuse. I would say that here the rate is made for signs of "solidity", which are typical for larger cars – for example, a huge radiator grille with chrome decor. Oval-stretched headlamps conceal modern lensed LED optics (conventional lamps only in direction indicators). The 1.4-liter BOOSTERJET is good, but its capabilities are only needed "in reserve", and given the nature of Suzuki SX 4, this stock will be used extremely rarely. In this case, the difference with the engine of 1.6 liters (117 hp) is minimal: it is quite enough for daily driving. The automatic transmission pleases with soft and fast switching with any of the engines.

Returning to the format "family crossover" I will note the chassis, suspension, steering. Firstly, the chassis is elastic: there is no frank rigidity, but the pits are not completely hidden. At the same time – here you can feel a great store on the energy intensity of the suspension, you can go without any problems with a rather high speed on the broken road. And on the recumbent policemen the car flinches the back part of less other competitors. In a word, very good. However, the new Renault Duster shows that the suspension can be softer without losing energy and to a degree "on the drum on the road," and the Hyundai Creta model adds to this the stillness in driving. After all, the crossover Suzuki SX4 is noisy: initially – there are questions to the soundproofing of wheel arches, at a speed of about 100 km / h and above – there are noticeable aerodynamic noises. But there is also a plus: the silent, assembled, "live" suspension of the test car with a run of 36 thousand km (as is known 1 km of test car = 2-3 km in real life).

The wheel is good stability in the "zero zone" and poured effort in the rotation, as if squeezing a small spring. The car as a whole does not resist bends, although there are rolls. But at sharp turn on the broken road or stone blocks SX4 slightly "rearranges" a back part that is unpleasant. This manifests itself only on an empty machine, if you load the back part – then this effect is no longer there. And you can download a lot: for its class – in the cabin is quite spacious in front and behind, the trunk offers a volume of 430-440 liters in the standard version. And in general – the salon Suzuki SX4 at first glance seems simple, but within its class is good.

The front fascia Suzuki SX 4 does not shine with the original design, but pleases with a large insert from soft plastic – a rarity in the class. The main attention here is attracted by an oval with an LCD display and a pair of ventilation deflectors. The display pleases with the quality of the picture. Also pay attention to the little things: the armrest can move forward and opens access in the hidden niche; The steering wheel is pleased with the logical arrangement of the buttons for controlling the audio system, cruise, telephone; laconic devices with a simple LCD display are quickly read; there is a 2-zone climate control. In many such small things, Suzuki SX 4 is better than a relative Suzuki Vitara .

The last mention is not accidental, since both cars are built on the same platform. But the Suzuki SX4 model has an increased wheelbase (2.6 m vs. 2.5 m in the Vitara model), which allowed for extra legroom and a more traditional fit: for its class and size – the rear is spacious and comfortable. In addition, the maximum version has a rear armrest and a backrest angle adjustment: again, this is a plus in front of the Vitara with its usual vertical rear row of seats. That's only if the armrest is an unconditional and obvious plus, then the adjustment of the backrest angle in this case is a "thing about nothing": only two positions, the range of angle variation is too small – the "reclining" position can not be obtained here.

Nominally changing the angle the backrest tilt allows you to increase the trunk: it is promised 440 liters against 430 liters in the standard position. However, the minimum figure (430 liters) is still a good indicator for this class. Plus a couple more pleasant little things: a two-level floor and side niches-pockets. Separately, it is worth noting the luggage compartment shelf, which opens on both sides: traditionally when opening the trunk lid and, in addition, it is possible to open the shelf from the back seat side – it is convenient to get a trifle from the trunk right on the road.

Front is comfortable, as for this class. There is an armrest and the ability to change the angle of the backrest, but in a small range. To the trunk of the claims are not at all: a fairly large, two-level floor, pocket-niches on the sides. The two-way regiment deserves a separate mention, which reclines from the interior and gives access to the trunk, this is extremely rare, and it's a pity – a really useful point, which is easy to implement. By the way, taking into account the run of the test car to the salon, there are remarks: the scratching of the door cards is a little, but all four.

Summing up the subtotals: the Suzuki SX4 crossover is unlikely to fascinate the chassis and interior trim, but it is good in "requests for real life "- the behavior of the motor and automatic transmission, the power consumption of the suspension, the spaciousness and convenience of the interior, the thought out trunk.

Are there innovations?

If you read the material on the Suzuki Vitara S, here you will not find anything new: a bearing body, Suspension in front and semi-dependent from behind, n Front or all-wheel drive, 5-st. MKPP or 6-st. Automatic transmission. For the Suzuki SX4 model, Ukraine offers two engines, both petrol. First, the motor M16A: the volume of 1.6 liters, four cylinders, the VVT ​​system for changing the phases of the gas distribution. Secondly, the motor K14C BOOSTERJET series: volume 1.4 liters, four cylinders, direct fuel injection plus a turbine. It is this motor and 6-st. Automatic transmission instead of CVT-variator became the main technical innovations at the last update of the model in 2016.

Other technological features are already known. So, all-wheel drive ALL GRIP 4WD offers a selector for selecting one of four driving modes: AUTO – standard, automatic torque distribution; SPORT – sporty, more traction is given to the rear wheels, the "automatic" uses lower gears; SNOW – the rear wheels transmit more traction, the all-wheel drive is triggered faster than usual, but the reaction to pressing the accelerator pedal is relaxed to avoid slip in the snow; LOCK – rigid fixation of distribution of a twisting moment 50/50 between forward and back wheels. A couple of nuances: the LOCK mode is enabled only after a preliminary selection of SNOW; the inclusion of each mode is shown on the display between the speedometer and the tachometer.

In addition, I note a large touch screen in the cabin: here is the control of the audio system, the ability to connect the phone, etc. There are voice control of certain functions (telephone, audio), but the list of phrases frankly small. Also on this display is a picture from the rear view camera with auxiliary help lines. In general, this is a minimal-standard set, which you expect from such a system. However, Suzuki is remembered in a very detailed, beautiful, juicy picture on the display.

The all-wheel drive system ALL GRIP 4 WD allows not only to control the distribution of torque between the axles, but also somewhat change the nature of the car. The mode LOCK (replacement of the central differential lock) is connected with a separate button and only after selecting the mode SNOW. In the selected modes are displayed on the instrument panel display, where the onboard computer is also "tied". Since we are talking about the patency: clearance of 180 mm, but in front of fear causes the "lip" of the bumper, and from behind does not please the transverse arrangement of the muffler. As a result, if it is a slippery off-road (snow, ice, mud) – Suzuki SX 4 is good, but if we talk about the relief off-road (stones, slopes) – we must be cautious.

Sorry , but this high-tech delights for Ukraine are coming to an end. Why am I speaking for Ukraine? Because in some countries Suzuki SX4 offers a lot of interesting technologies. For example, a 1.6-liter turbodiesel or a 3-cylinder petrol turbo engine (which in Europe replaced the atmospheric 1.6-liter 117-horsepower engine). I know that many will prefer "time-tested atmospheric" and therefore it is in Ukraine, but in this section we are talking about the car in terms of advanced technology. Also, the Suzuki SX4 in Ukrainian versions did not receive active cruise control and an autonomous emergency braking system (in terms of technologies), in addition, the model did not receive a panoramic glass sunroof and leather interior (in terms of comfort and equipment).

A couple of photos , which hint at the presence of active (radar) cruise control and autonomous emergency braking system – these are the two most important points I consider the biggest omission in the technology Suzuki SX 4, which did not reach Ukraine. Let them be offered only for maximum versions, albeit for "expensive", but in the class Suzuki SX 4 similar technologies are still rare – this is a potential "highlight" and an advantage over competitors.

Prices and competitors

The Suzuki SX4 is available in Ukraine with two motors, manual or all-wheel drive, in two trim levels (GL or GLX), six variants in total.

The minimum version is the engine 1 , 6 l (117 hp), front-wheel drive, manual transmission, equipment GL: air conditioning, power windows, e ektroprivod and heated mirrors, a trip computer, cruise control, ESP system, seven airbags, an ordinary audio system, steering wheel buttons, heated front seats, front armrest. This car is estimated at 469 thousand UAH. or slightly more than $ 18 thousand. A similar version with an "automatic" will cost 511 thousand UAH. or about $ 19.5 thousand. The full-wheel drive with manual transmission in the GL package is 515 thousand UAH. (slightly less than $ 20 thousand), and with automatic transmission – 552 thousand UAH. or $ 21,300.

The maximum version of the GLX adds the following: 2-zone climate, LED lights, light and rain sensors, 16-inch light alloy wheels, front and rear parking sensors, an improved audio system (6 speakers and Bluetooth), the adjustment of the backs of the rear seats and the rear armrest, the silver finish of the side doors and rails. Also the GLX version automatically means 6-st. "machine". Such a car with a 1.6 liter engine of 117 hp. and the front drive is estimated at 582 thousand UAH or almost $ 22.5 thousand. Finally, at the top of the range Suzuki SX4 is a version with a motor 1,4 140 hp. BOOSTERJET in the GLX version, additionally with all-wheel drive ALL GRIP, rear view camera and LCD touchscreen (car as in the article); price – 690 thousand UAH. or $ 26.5 thousand

The car in the cabin is in the basic configuration GL : conventional headlights with spaced apart / dipped beam units, steel rims with hoods, simpler ventilation control unit, traditional radio with buttons . But otherwise – an excellent "sufficient" level: heated seats and armrest in front, there is a "cruise" with steering on the steering wheel, the trunk still offers a convenient two-level floor. And the 1.6-liter motor is quite "sufficient": by the results of 2017 it accounted for 89% of sales, even considering the large number of versions tied to a 1.6-liter engine, this figure is impressive. The maximum version is 1.4 liters of 140 hp. GLX (as a test car) took only 11% in the range of sales Suzuki SX 4, yet for $ 26.5-27 thousand one can look towards cars of a higher class. Although the share of versions with all-wheel drive is unexpectedly high – 37%. Indirectly this indicates the choice and requests of customers Suzuki SX 4: a powerful engine and expensive version – "no", practicality and all-wheel drive – "yes."

And now, with this approach, we look at competitors. First, the expensive test version of Suzuki SX4 for $ 27 thousand: here competitors can be called initial-average versions of Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Tucson, KIA Sportage – let them lose in some points of equipment, but offer large dimensions, and after all, we often choose "to size". Secondly, the European compact crossovers, like Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur, Citroen C3 Aircross (I will soon tell): they are interesting in details, but I can not offer a full drive. Plus, or rather, "minus", they are closer in the cabin (Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur), or spacious, but not cheap (Citroen C3 Aircross). Finally, the third – the most important competitors for the Suzuki SX4: the new Renault Duster, Hyundai Creta, Suzuki Vitara, Chery Tiggo 7. The first two do not have available versions with four-wheel drive, and in some details they are inferior to Suzuki SX4: for example, Hyundai Creta offers only a small display of the multimedia system, there is no navigation, and the new Renault Duster lacks options with automatic transmission. The crossover Suzuki Vitara is one to one similar to the Suzuki SX4 for affordable options and a price fork, but here everyone chooses something that is more to his liking: the youthful, provocative Vitara model or the more family-run, spacious, well thought-out Suzuki SX4 crossover.

Initial and medium versions Suzuki SX 4 with a price of $ 18-23 thousand are a good choice against the competitors of the segment B -C- SUV . And here's the expensive crossover Suzuki SX 4 for $ 27 goes to the territory of larger, older models C D SUV where car requests are initially higher and competitors are more dangerous.

Cost of maintenance

The fuel consumption of a test car with a 1.4 liter (140 hp) engine in the city is 9-10 liters per 100 km, and on weekends, with empty roads, it is possible to meet the minimum 7.5-8 liters. In traffic jams and / or a dynamic style of driving – urban consumption increases to 11 l per 100 km. On the highway at a speed of 80-90 km / h the car consumes about 5 liters of fuel, at a speed of 110-120 km / h – the flow rate increases to 6 liters of fuel per 100 km of track. On a car with a 1.6-liter (117 hp) engine, I only traveled with the dealer for inspection, so I do not have my own observations on fuel consumption. But there are observations of one of the readers of ITC.UA: the flow in the city is 9 liters per 100 kilometers, with empty roads, without traffic jams, a minimum can be obtained about 7.5-8 liters per 100 kilometers. On the track at a speed of 80-90 km / h, the consumption of 6 liters per 100 km, at a speed of 110-120 km / h – about 7-7.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

The warranty for both versions of the car is identical: three years or 100 thousand km of run. And the prices for maintenance are not too different: for the version with the engine 1.4 liters (140 hp) – from 2-2.1 thousand UAH. (the most simple service) to about 7 thousand UAH. (the most extensive service); for the version of 1.6 liters (117 hp) – from 2.4 thousand UAH to 6-7 thousand UAH. А вот периодичность ТО отличается: мотор 1,4 л требует ТО раз в 10 тыс. км, а мотор 1,6 л требует ТО раз в 15 тыс. км. В итоге при пробеге до 90-100 тыс. км автомобиль с мотором 1,6 л потребует 22-24 тыс. грн на ТО (точная цифра зависит от сочетаний МКПП/АКПП и передний/полный привод), в тоже время автомобиль с мотором 1,4 л потребует около 33 тыс. грн.

Данные по ценам на ТО даны для одного из киевских дилеров марки и могут незначительно отличатся в зависимости от области, города, выбранного дилера. Все цены указаны по состоянию на май без учета дополнительных скидок и акций, которые действуют при покупке автомобиля или его обслуживании.

В итоге

Тестовый автомобиль Suzuki SX4 – это хороший пример того, что может предложить модель. Но это плохой пример того, что выбирают покупатели: за $25-30 тыс. рядовой украинец посмотрит в сторону более крупного кроссовера, пусть и в более бедной комплектации.

Но когда мы говорим о Suzuki SX4 за «$20 тыс. плюс/минус» – то все становится намного лучше: конкурентов немного и на их фоне Suzuki SX4 оказывается одним из самых сбалансированных предложений в классе (если не самым сбалансированным вообще): широкий выбор версий, достаточная комплектация, не критичные замечания к езде. Есть такая пословица: «будь проще – и к тебе потянутся люди». В стане компактных кроссоверов Suzuki SX4 является отличным примером такого подхода.


+ В начально-средних версиях – очень сильное предложение в классе компактных кроссоверов

+ Просторный и удобный салон, емкий и продуманный багажник, энергоемкая подвеска

+ Есть возможность совместить МКПП/АКПП и передний/полный привод по вашему желанию


— Нет дизеля, нет высокотехнологичного оснащения, нет ярких пятен в характере

— Максимальный SX4 заходит на территорию крос оверов более высокого класса, где ему сложно конкурировать

Технические характеристики Suzuki SX4 GLX 1,4л BOOSTERJET ALL GRIP 4WD 6АКПП

Кузов – компактный кроссовер; 5 мест

Габариты – 4,300 х 1,785 х 1,585 м

Колесная база – 2,6 м

Клиренс – 180 мм

Багажник – от 430 л (5 мест) до 1 269 л (2 места)

Грузоподъемность – 465 кг

Минимальная снаряженная масса – 1 260 кг

Мотор – бензиновый, турбо, R4; 1,4 л

Мощность – 140 л.с. при 5 500 об/мин

Крутящий момент – 220 Нм при 1 500-4 000 об/мин

Удельная мощность и момент – 111 л.с. на 1 т; 175 Нм на 1 т

Привод – полный привод ALL GRIP 4WD

Трансмиссия – 6-ст. АКПП (традиционная гидромеханическая АКПП)

Динамика 0-100 км/ч – 10,2 с

Максимальная скорость – 200 км/ч

Расход топлива (паспортный), город – 7,9 л на 100 км

Расход топлива (паспортный), трасса – 5,3 л на 100 км

Шины тестового автомобиля – Continental Premium Contact 5 215/60R16

Минимальная цена автомобиля – 469 тыс. грн. (около $18 тыс.)

Цена тестового автомобиля – 690 тыс. грн. (около $26,5 тыс.)

Автомобиль предоставлен – Авто Интернешнл

Технические характеристики

Suzuki SX4: чем проще – тем лучше (плюс сравнение моторов и комплектаций)

Suzuki SX4 GLX 1,4 Boosterjet 4WD All Grip 6AT
Уведомить о появлении в продаже

Тип Компактный кроссовер
Тип кузова Кроссовер
Габариты (ДхШхВ), м 4,300 х 1,785 х 1,585
Количество дверей 5
Количество мест в салоне 5
Объем багажника (мин./макс.), л 430/1269
Клиренс, мм 180
Тип мотора ДВС, бензиновый, атмосферный, 4-цилиндровый
Наличие и тип ДВС да, основной
Наличие эл.мотора (моторов)
Мощность, л.с. (кВт) 140 (103)
Крутящий момент, Нм 220
Тип привода полный All Grip
Тип КПП 6-ст. АКПП (гидромеханическая традиционная АКПП)
Динамика разгона 0-100 км/ч, с 10,2
Максимальная скорость, км/ч 200
Доп. режимы езды Drive Mode Select – режимы AUTO/Sport/Snow + LOCK для бездорожья
Емкость бака, л 47
Расход топлива (город. цикл), л/100 км 7,9
Расход топлива (загород. цикл), л/100 км 5,3
Расход топлива (смешан. цикл), л/100 км 6,3
Аудио/Мультимедиа система +
Сенсорный ЖК-дисплей +
Приборы ЖК-дисплей да, традиционные приборы + ЖК-дисплей БК
Кондиционер +
Климат-контроль да, 2-зонный
Климат-таймер, предварительный подогрев
Подогрев сидений, руля сидений
Камера заднего вида +
Камеры кругового обзора
Пневматическая подвеска
Электропривод стекол, зеркал +
Электропривод крышки багажника
Оббивка сидений, материал ткань
Декоративная отделка салона черный глянец, серебристые вставки
Легкосплавные колесные диски да, 16 дюймов
Ксеноновые фары
Светодиодные фары да, LED-фары
Панорамная крыша, люк
Дополнительно Регулировка угла наклона спинки заднего сиденья и пола багажника, подлокотники спереди и сзади.

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