Tesla received another record order for 100 Semi electric trucks from PepsiCo, and the total number of pre-orders could exceed 1230 units

Last week, we told that Tesla received two record orders for Semi electric trucks from Budweiser and the distributor food Sysco, wishing to replenish their fleet of 40 and 50 electric trucks, respectively. However, the previous record was beaten literally a few days later thanks to the order of PepsiCo, which decided not to waste time and reserved 100 pieces of Tesla Semi for itself.

Note that the order of PepsiCo was confirmed by the head of the subsidiary company Frito-Lay, which currently has a fleet of vehicles more than 10 thousand trucks. At the moment the company is conducting an analysis that will determine the routes optimally suited to the power reserve of the Tesla Semi electric, ranging from 480 to 800 km, depending on the version.

Thus, the company could pay $ 2 million for pre-order if it comes about versions of the truck for $ 150 thousand / $ 180 thousand and as a result will pay in this case $ 15 million / $ 18 million following the results of the transaction. If the $ 200,000 version of the Founders Series was selected, the company should immediately deposit $ 20 million, since pre-order with advance payment is not expected in this case.

The total number of pre-orders for semi- sounded, but if their numbers are issued sequentially from the first, then she could have already received 1,230 orders – at least that's the order number received by Elemental Landscapes. And if you take into account that the company ordered three copies at once, and the pre-order number was received by one, the number of electric trucks in the queue could already get close to 1,500 units, at least Budweiser, Sysco and Pepsi, who ordered three trucks for 190 trucks [19659003] Source: Electrek

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