Tesla was removed from the investigation of the recent deadly accident. The manufacturer once again stated that his fault in what happened was not

As we reported earlier, on March 23, a tragic road accident took place on the highway near Mountain View with the participation of Tesla Model X, which ended in a fatal accident for the driver. The investigation of the incident has not yet been completed, but the manufacturer Tesla is no longer involved in it. This decision was taken by the National Transportation Security Council (NTSB), which investigates the incident, in response to Tesla's premature disclosure of information that the Tesla Model X was in an auto-pilot mode.

"Such publications of incomplete the information often leads to fictions and incorrect conclusions about the likely cause of the accident, having a negative impact on the investigation process and the public, "the regulator said in a statement.

Tesla has its own version on this score and she does not ykuetsya explaining NTSB. In particular, the manufacturer claims that it decided to withdraw from the investigation itself, since the NTSB prohibited publishing any information until after the investigation.

Tesla also accuses the NTSB of meanness, claiming that the agency, by asking the company to remain silent,

A copy of the letter that the NTSB sent to the founder and head of Tesla Ilona Mask is available here.

Simultaneously, Tesla made another statement regarding this tragic accident. In it the manufacturer once again expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased, but at the same time made it clear that he does not consider himself to be at all guilty of what happened.

Tesla emphasizes the fact that a few seconds before the accident the car sent warning signals to the driver about the need to put hands on steering wheel, which he ignored.

"The accident occurred on a clear day with good visibility (the expensive section was viewed several hundred meters ahead) and the only explanation for what happened could be that Mr. Huang did not follow the "the company said in a statement.

Tesla also notes that the fundamental prerequisite for both moral and legal responsibility is an unrestrained promise. But there was nothing from the manufacturer – Tesla always said very clearly that the autopilot does not release the vehicle from driving, and the driver must constantly monitor the situation on the road without removing the hands from the steering wheel. But on the site Tesla there are phrases about "a full autopilot" and there is a commercial that shows a man on the driver's seat with his hands on his knees, and not on the steering wheel.

The false impression that the autopilot is unsafe will lead to a worsening of the situation on the roads and a greater number of victims, the company believes. Tesla recalls the NHTSA report with the results of an investigation into a previous fatal crash with an electric Tesla vehicle, where it was said that the early version of the Tesla Autopilot function reduces the accident rate by 40%.

However, the accident itself raises questions, especially given the recent video, where you can see that another Tesla car with an autopilot on the same section of the road behaves unnaturally, exposing the driver's life to danger. This looks like an obvious error in Tesla systems. And the producer's silence does not benefit the situation, but, on the contrary, causes even greater concern.

Source: The Verge, ABC 7 News, Bloomberg

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