Test drive Mazda CX-3: stylish, fast, but not affordable …

The theme of compact crossovers in Ukraine continues the Mazda CX-3: a great combination of "near-sporting" character and practicality for every day. This car resembles a sophisticated "secular lioness": it will easily enchant literally every car enthusiast, but knows its worth – and it's not a big one.


Mazda CX-3 model – first entry of "Japanese" in class B-SUV: compact crossover , the length of just over four meters, the engine 120-150 hp, the version with front and all-wheel drive. The Mazda CX-3 car appeared 3,5 years ago, but reached Ukraine only at the very end of 2017 and the coming 2018 will be the first full year of sales of the CX-3 in Ukraine.

The compact stylish crossover Mazda [19659007] CX -3 – the first company in this class. The car debuted at the end of 2014 and underwent a minor update at the end of 2016: a new steering wheel and system appeared GVC ( G Vectoring Control ) ]. Such a car is presented in the article. The update is not accidental, as the model just managed to get one more improvement (in this block the photo is a red car): chrome strips in the front bumper and on the doors, double radiator grill bars, new tail lights, a stationary front armrest and a folding rear armrest, electric "handbrake", other button layout. Some of the remarks of this article have already been corrected – I will note by the text.

The article presents the Mazda CX-3 in the maximum version: a 150-hp motor, four-wheel drive, Style +. In addition, the article will feature a car in the medium version of the Touring +, which I will note separately.

How goes?

Goes so that you can now glue the "Sport", "GT" and other "Turbo" very dynamic and "charged" character! In this Mazda CX-3 is reminiscent of the Suzuki Vitara S, only with changes to the salon and at a higher technological level.

On the one hand – the style of riding. Under the hood is a powerful (150 hp) 2-liter gasoline engine. But here, unlike Mazda 3, not the slightest failures or remarks: a phenomenally linear connection of the accelerator pedal and acceleration dynamics. And the power and traction is literally always: starting from a place – fast, without pauses; acceleration on the move – by the slightest movement of the right foot. And even when the motor is spinning to high speed: mmm, the buzz is a tangible squeezing in the back of the seats under the dry metal "soundtrack" of a really double exhaust! Understand correctly: Mazda CX-3 does not claim to record a drag racing, the car does not give "a million and even more horses." But the willingness to respond in a split second to pressing the gas pedal in real daily trips means a lot, creating that dynamic character.

The crossover Mazda CX -3 can be called "feminine," but if so – then this is "Ubivashka"! The predatory cute face is backed up by a similar driving character: dynamic acceleration is provided by a powerful motor and a 6-speed "automatic", which understand each other with a half-word – soft and inconspicuous switching, fast "kick-down." And if you want to really raise the rates – that is, the " SPORT " mode, where the automatic transmission tightens with shifting upwards, allowing the engine to "twist" 6 thousand rpm. The brakes also fit: 295 mm in front and 281 mm at the rear, an elastic pedal, an easy prediction of the braking distance. Double exhaust – not a shoe: a cool look and sound!

Manageability is not disappointing: sharp steering wheel, minimal rolls, quick responses to the turn of the "steering wheel". Again – this is not a superpower; just the whole car is so designed originally: a small body, the wheels are placed at the corners, a small height and clearance (160 mm). That's the whole secret. But, believe me, this dynamic and "lively" behavior on the road in the compact crossover class needs to be looked for. And, most likely, better than the Mazda CX-3 will not find: a phenomenally "moving" car, which does not just follow the movement of the hand and the steering wheel; no, sometimes it seems that the Mazda CX-3 is controlled by the power of thought, foreseeing desires and directions where to go. At the same time – excellent stability on the arc (though on good asphalt) and neutral in the turn.

Usually a victim of this nature is comfort. And … you expect me to write "everything is great here"? Unfortunately, but no. The test car was "shod" in the 18th disks and tires with the 50th profile – and they collected almost all the "trifle" from the road: small pits, joints, hillocks, asphalt inflows. And there is the traditional problem of small cars with a short wheelbase: the rear part in the unloaded state is noticeably shaken when the policemen pass. At the same time, with a moderately fast ride on numerous different-sized potholes, the suspension does not "break through", it has a reserve of energy intensity for medium and large irregularities. Traditional advice with higher-profile tires is relevant and this time – there is a chance that the Mazda CX-3 will become more comfortable on "little things."

The salon does not shine with space, but it looks dynamic and is made qualitatively: soft inserts, pleasant accents low-key, dark red color, comfortable seat. Steering wheel and instruments – traditionally for modern Mazda – I like. And in general the saloon Mazda CX -3 is filled with many pleasant details: a hidden central deflector or round deflectors-propellers with rotating washers centered and "carbon-carved" – one could do without it, but because they did! Three large grips of the "climate" seem simple to someone, but they remind me of Mazda MX-5 – like the character of the car as a whole: this is not a sports car for power figures, acceleration, "maxi-mum"; but it is a pleasant and dynamic car for the driver's daily joy.

However, the biggest observation of the family will not concern the suspension (not the "feather", but it is quite possible to live with it); the biggest remark from the family is the spaciousness of the cabin and the volume of the trunk. Crossover Mazda CX-3 belongs to the segment B-SUV, and is one of the smallest of its representatives. If in front there is a feeling that "I got into the car – like I put on racing gloves" and there is plenty of space, there is a feeling behind "it's not a B-SUV crossover, it's just a B-class hatchback": a seat for knees, a cabin width, head – inside is not that closely, but the seats "back-to-back."

The trunk in a standard position with a volume of only 287-350 liters (depends on the presence of the BOSE audio system and all-wheel drive). Fortunately, there is a double floor; and when folding the rear seats, you can get a luggage compartment with a volume of 1 197-1 260 liters.

There is not much space behind; there are a number of models B SUV which for a similar amount of money give a more spacious interior. And with additional amenities for passengers tight: there is only a small organizer at the end of the central tunnel. However, during the renovation this spring the car has already become better: it received armrests in front and behind. The luggage compartment is medium in volume, but there is a double floor and an opening is quite large – as far as possible for such a compact body.

Are there innovations?

In the "iron" basis, the Mazda CX-3 crossover is a " "From many Japanese models: the wheelbase (2,570 mm) one in one coincides with the Mazda2; but the creators point out that the components from Mazda3 are also used here; and all-wheel drive – an obvious borrowing from the crossover Mazda CX-5. At the same time, the Mazda CX-3 model is the CX-3: its bearing body with a high proportion of high-strength steels (63% in mass equivalent); a traditional set of engine series SKYACTIV-G and "automatic" SKYACTIV-Drive; lightweight (-20%) parts of the all-wheel drive system, which allows to reduce inertia, improve acceleration, reduce fuel consumption. The engines of the SKYACTIV-G series are already well known for other cars of the brand (Mazda 3 and Mazda CX-5): a high compression ratio of 14: 1 to improve overall efficiency (higher power, less consumption); Exhaust collector type "4-2-1" for better ventilation of combustion chambers and increase in power; double valve timing system S-VT for a wide operating range.

Body, motor, automatic transmission crossover Mazda CX -3 created according to the covenants SKYACTIV : sharing ideas, which were known separately. The 19659006 i ELOOP system with an additional capacitor deserves a special mention.

The Mazda CX-3 crossover is the rare case when it uses not just a "stop / start" system but a branded i-ELOOP system: it is a function of accumulating electric power during regeneration (braking) into a special condenser, which can then recharge the car's stock battery or power the on-board energy consumers without using the generator. In mass "folk" stamps you will rarely see such a thing; for example, I can recall Citroen with a micro-hybrid e-HDi. For such "advanced" systems of micro-hybrids or so-called. "Soft hybrids", it seems, is the near future in the development of traditional ICE.

The second interesting high-tech component of the Mazda CX-3 is a set of technologies for active safety i-ACTIVSENSE. This is really a "complex", combining many different technologies: the LDWS function for monitoring the sequence of traffic; Observation of "blind areas" of rear-view mirrors (BSM); the SCBS system for emergency braking in the city, operates at a speed of 4-30 km / h; a rear view camera and a cross-traffic warning function. Many of these technologies have already been encountered in reviews of other cars of the brand – see Mazda 3 and Mazda CX-5.

But the compact crossover Mazda CX-3 can offer something special: it is an adaptive cruise control with the SBS function for safe braking (works at a speed of 15-145 km / h). This technology is based on the radar in the front of the car, which constantly scans the space in front of him: he "sees" the cars ahead of the car, can maintain a given distance and speed; in the event of a possible collision, the system will warn of the need for braking and may even brake itself.

Radar and adaptive cruise with automatic braking are already becoming increasingly popular and popular equipment and it is gratifying that now these technologies have appeared in the arsenal of Mazda models available in Ukraine. Thus, the "kid" CX-3 in something even ahead of the rest of the cool high-end model of the Mazda CX-5. In the future, active cruise and emergency braking will appear on other Mazda cars.

How does the adaptive "cruise" and auto-braking from Mazda work in real life? Yes, like everyone else: turn on the cruise, choose the desired distance button, the car will slow down and accelerate; if necessary – sharply brakes. From other interesting systems Mazda CX -3 I will mark the camera in the upper part of the windshield to control the sequence of motion and reading of traffic signs, the projection display on a separate retractable glass, the control of the blind areas of the rear-view mirrors, adaptive LED lights . Turn on / turn off all kinds of functions – through the multimedia system menu MZD Connect

… which also assembles: radio, audio system, phone connection, rear view camera, navigation. Control – with the help of the touch screen and a separate key-selector unit, installed behind the automatic transmission lever, near the "handbrake". By the way, during the renovation this spring, the car Mazda CX -3 received the new control unit MZD Connect and the "electric handbrake" with the button.

Prices and competitors

The Mazda CX-3 is available in Ukraine with a 2-liter gasoline engine and 6-st. Automatic transmission; you can choose the type of drive: front-wheel drive and a 120 hp engine. or four-wheel drive and a 150 hp engine; plus a choice of three trim levels – a total of five options. The basic version (120 hp, front-wheel drive, Touring) is equipped with the following: climate control, heated seats, cruise control, six airbags, ABS, stabilization system, 16-inch alloy wheels. The average configuration of the Touring + (front-wheel drive and 120 hp or four-wheel drive and 150 hp) adds to this: tinted windows, LED lights, heated steering wheel, light and rain sensor, traffic control, rear parking sensors. Finally, the maximum version of the Style + (front-wheel drive and 120 hp or four-wheel drive and 150 hp) is characterized by the following: adaptive headlights, combined upholstery leather + fabric, color projection display, adaptive cruise, fatigue control driver, 18-inch wheels, etc.

The minimum price of the car – 629 thousand UAH. ($ 24.2 thousand); the average version will cost 659 thousand UAH. ($ 25.3 thousand) or 739 thousand UAH. ($ 28.4 thousand), depending on the type of drive and engine power. The maximum version is estimated at 739 thousand UAH. ($ 28.4 thousand) or 789 thousand UAH. ($ 30.3 thousand), depending on the type of drive and engine power. Prices are shown for cars in 2018, but you can search for cars in 2017. – they are cheaper for 30-40 thousand UAH.

According to the article – the car in the maximum version Style +; in this block photo, car in the cabin – medium version Touring +: externally recognizable by 16-inch wheel disks, in the cabin there are other devices (speedometer in the center and digital tachometer on the left). In details – less external chromium, silver finish of the area near the "automatic" lever. But the headlights are old and stylish; seats with fabric upholstery have developed lateral support. The maximum configuration Style + (the main test car under the article) occupies 35% in the structure of sales CX -3; the average configuration Touring + (as presented in this block photos) – 58%; to the base version Touring accounts for just under 8% of the model sales. Division by motors and drive type is as follows: 120 hp and the front drive is approximately 2/3; 150 hp and all-wheel drive – 1/3 of the total sales of CX-3.

Now we select competitors. Nominally, the Mazda CX-3 belongs to the B-SUV class, which means competitors like Citroen C4 Cactus, Peugeot 2008, Nissan Juke, Suzuki Vitara, Renault Captur, etc. But really – the Mazda CX-3 has outgrown them: in power and dynamics, in the class of riding, in equipping with innovative systems. It's a pity, but in price too: for the price of the basic version of the Mazda CX-3, you can buy the maximum version of the "French"; for the price of the maximum version of the Mazda CX-3, you can buy two (!) basic Nissan Juke …

And if so, we pick up competitors at a price. Then the list looks different: the average version of Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Creta, Renault Kadjar. And still it is necessary to enter indirect competitors-relatives: Mazda 3 – for traditionalists and if necessary to get open space in salon "for inexpensively"; The Mazda CX-5 is a cool and balanced crossover that looks beautiful, well rides, offers comfort and roominess. As a result, the most obvious competitor is Toyota C-HR: the brand is not yet "premium", but recognizable and respected; unusual design and good equipment; and a considerable price tag is compensated by good equipment.

There are a lot of competitors; and let Mazda CX -3 outgrow its class B SUV but with this price tag the model is already in the class C SUV ; moreover, there are related relatives … For Mazda CX -3 there is a narrow niche: I want to drive stylishly and quickly; I do not want a hatchback or a sedan; I want a crossover, but small. The best way to determine the position of the Mazda CX -3 is as follows: above the traditional models B SUV halfway to the compact "premium" B- [19659006] SUV . Will Mazda CX -3 mass market bestseller? Probably not. But there will be sales; it is unlikely to be at the top-5 class level, but in the TOP-10 model should get.

Cost of maintenance

In the city, the test car consumed an average of 9-10 liters of fuel per 100 km of track; With dynamic driving, the consumption increased to 10.5-11 liters; at the weekend, without traffic jams, with a smooth ride – you can "bring" the consumption of about 7.5 liters of fuel. On the highway at a speed of 80-90 km / h the car consumes 5.5-6 liters per 100 km; With an increase in speed to 110-120 km / h, fuel consumption increases to 7.5-8 liters per 100 km. It seems that a small motor is asking for it – a diesel or a petrol of 1.5 liters – it would help to reduce both the initial price and fuel costs; but in Ukraine there are no other variants of engines for the Mazda CX-3.

The general warranty for the car is three years or 100 thousand kilometers. Periodicity of maintenance – once in 20 thousand km or once a year. The minimum price for a standard maintenance is 2.2 thousand UAH; the maximum price of the expanded maintenance is 4,9 thousand UAH.

The prices for cars are indicated as of the beginning of April 2018, the prices for TO are indicated as of March 2018. All prices are quoted without additional discounts and shares that apply when buying a car or servicing it.

In the end

If you choose a car with a calculator, counting its pluses and minuses, you will never buy a Mazda CX-3: for its class – small salon and high price. But the Mazda CX-3 offers many advantages: a stylish appearance, many interesting details in the finish, and an incendiary ride turns every trip to work on a small holiday. Reminds Alfa Romeo in Japanese, right? Потому что это автомобиль, который надо покупать эмоциями – и вот тогда с ним вы будете счастливы.


+ Отличный динамичный характер: разгон, управляемость, звук мотора, тормоза

+ Хорошее оснащение – много инновационных систем, характерных для более высокого класса

+ Стильная внешность, оригинальный интерьер, масса приятных мелочей в отделке


— Размер, простор салона, объем багажника – класс B-SUV; цена и расход – уже класс C-SUV

— Не хватает маленького «дешевого» мотора 1,5 л и/или дизельного мотора

Технические характеристики Mazda CX-3 2,0 АWD 6АТ

Кузов – кроссовер; 5 мест

Габариты – 4,275 х 1,765 х 1,535 м

Колесная база – 2,57 м

Клиренс – 160 мм

Багажник – от 287/350 л (5 мест) до 1 197/1 260 л (2 места); зависит от типа привода и наличия аудио Bose

Грузоподъемность – 520 кг

Минимальная снаряженная масса – 1 340 кг

Мотор – бензин; R4; 2,0 л

Мощность – 150 л.с. при 6 000 об/мин

Крутящий момент – 204 Нм при 2 800 об/мин

Удельная мощность и момент – 112 л.с. на 1 т; 152 Нм на 1 т

Привод – полный привод

Трансмиссия – 6-ст. АКПП

Динамика 0-100 км/ч – 9,6 с

Максимальная скорость – 195 км/ч

Расход топлива (паспортный), город – 7,8 л на 100 км

Расход топлива (паспортный), трасса – 5,5 л на 100 км

Шины тестового автомобиля – Nokian WR A4 215/50R18

Цена автомобиля, минимальная – 629 тыс. грн. для авто 2018 г.в.; авто 2017 г.в. дешевле

Цена тестового автомобиля – 789 тыс. грн для 2018 г.в.; авто 2017 г.в. дешевле

Автомобиль предоставлен – АВТО Интернешнл www.mazda.ua

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