Volkswagen introduced the electric minivan MOIA with a power reserve of 300 km, intended for carp fishing in large cities

The German MOIA start-up, owned by a major Volkswagen Group carmaker, presented at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in Berlin the concept of an electric six-seater minivan specifically designed for use in the services of carp-fishing (joint trips). It took less than a year to develop the model for the start-up, and it plans to test the service tests in Hamburg in late 2018.

If the design of the MOIA model seemed suspiciously familiar to you, then you are right – this is not a concept created from scratch, but a deep one remake of the popular minivan Volkswagen T6 Multivan. The startup used 20 copies of this model for the initial testing of the service in Hanover, during which it collected the impressions and wishes of users, which eventually embodied in its own model MOIA.

The electric car received a power reserve of 300 km in the WLTP cycle, charge 80% of capacity in just 30 minutes. The assembly is carried out at the facilities of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles division in Osnabrück, Germany.

Four passengers will receive free-standing comfortable seats with ample legroom, at the end of the cabin there is also a double sofa for passengers traveling in pairs. Each place is equipped with individual illumination for easy reading and USB ports for recharging gadgets, and high-speed Wi-Fi will be available during the trip. For luggage is provided a separate fenced area next to the driver's seat, the door in the cabin is automatic, which will make it easy to go even with bags in hand.

To order an electric vehicle, a mobile application will be used to select the route, user instance and divide the cost of the trip with other passengers, if selected group, rather than an individual order. The system on the side of the service and the application for drivers will be able to optimize orders and routes in such a way that the electric vehicles are not idle and were loaded to the maximum (note that this expression does not mean the presence of standing places in the minibuses, it will not be possible to collect more than 6 passengers).

] The main goal of developing MOIA is to reduce the number of personal vehicles in major cities by using inexpensive and convenient "electric minibuses." Thus, the authors of the project hope to reduce the number of traffic jams, noise and harmful emissions that have long become a scourge of the world's megacities.

Source: MOIA

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