We are testing electric scooters Maxxter Fancy and Maxxter Speedy

The summer still provides an opportunity to "roll" two-wheelers and we use it: we get acquainted with two new electric scooters from the Maxxter brand. The first one – Maxxter Fancy – embodies the example of "style for inexpensive". The second – Maxxter Speedy – attracts more power and dimensions for a small surcharge. Together, these models demonstrate the tendency of the market to increase the popularity of electric scooters in Ukraine.

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Maxxter Fancy: style and lightness at a low price

The low-end model Maxxter Fancy immediately captures your attention: a naive-sweet exterior, a classic round speedometer and a headlamp, seats with a backrest on a chrome leg, and even a "reserve" behind. However, despite its "childish" appearance, the design of the scooter is quite adult: in front there is a double shock-absorber fork, behind it is a spring-loaded pendulum and a motor-wheel, a traction battery at the bottom of the frame base.

Maxxter Fancy electric scooter is compact in size 148 x 70 x 114 cm, wheelbase 102 cm) and small wheels (front and rear 70 / 80х10 '' ). Front – only one headlight, behind – there's a flashlight plus direction indicators.

The foot pad hides a set of several lead-acid batteries (in this case four with a voltage of 12V each – the total operating voltage of the system is 48V). The seat is small: nominally Maxxter Fancy scooter is designed for two people, but in reality the two can only accommodate teenagers, and an adult with a comfortable fit occupies almost all the free space. On the back there is a closing plastic box, which is interesting in appearance, but will place only a raincoat or a windbreaker jacket, and a trifle necessary on the road. But the silver speedometer-pancake is frankly cool: it looks stylish, all directions are clear, there is a round speed scale, and a digital speedometer, there is a battery charge indicator.

A small seat will accommodate two teenagers or one adult. On the back – a kind of luggage box: original, but not too roomy. Stylish digital speedometer is informative. The charging connector is hidden under the seat, the battery is inside the foot pad, the battery is fully charged (0-100%) for 6-8 hours when powered from the outlet. Under the steering wheel there is a pocket for a phone or bottles of water.

Sit down – let's go! The Maxxter Fancy electric scooter is only available in one version: a 48V battery and an electric motor with a power of 350W built into the rear wheel. Therefore, the power reserve, dynamics, maximum speed directly depends on driving conditions. Nominally scooter can accelerate to 35 km / h and travel up to 50 km with a load of up to 80 kg. But if you give more load, if you drive faster, then the power reserve falls by 20-30% – and should be counted for 35-40 km.

While the battery is fresh – the Maxxter Fancy electric scooter drives quite "bodrenko" even an adult and even with small overpasses-lifts to the bridge. Of course, the average speed is in the range of 20-25 km / h, but on the plains and even with a favorable wind on the speedometer you can see quite optimistic 30-35 km / h. However, it is better to go slowly, because the short base and small wheels make Maxxter Fancy very sensitive to unevenness: it shakes a bit, which in the meantime knocks off the trajectory. But if you really need to turn – then the light Maxxter Fancy maneuvers instantly: according to the passport, the model weighs 75 kg, but it feels 40-50 kg here and the scooter is only slightly heavier than a large electric bike. As for the brakes, for such a format (speed and load), they are enough, even despite the usual "drums" with a mechanical drive in front and behind.

The electric motor is installed in the rear wheel, which is located on a spring-loaded pendulum. Front suspension – standard double shock-absorbing fork. Drum brakes are used front and rear. There are two steps and an alarm that blocks the drive wheel. The control is simple: "add gas" is possible with the help of the right rotary handle, there is a cruise control button next to it, the light switches are located in their blocks near the right and left handles of the rudder.

In general, Maxxter Fancy is a compact and relatively inexpensive model, which will appeal to teenagers for "pokatushek in the area" or fit an adult for short trips to work. The compact dimensions are not impressive, but look at it from the other side – the Maxxter Fancy is not much more than an electric bike, it can fit into a freight elevator and sleep in the vestibule near the apartments.

Maxxter Speedy: comfort and practicality

With the Maxxter Speedy model so it does not work out – this is a large scooter that already requires a separate niche for parking: for example, you can negotiate with friends / neighbors and shoot one car parking space for 3-5 scooters or motorcycles. But as soon as you sit on Maxxter Speedy – you immediately understand what the money is for, where the additional centimeters and kilograms went. The seat is wide and comfortable, there are two adult people sitting here (nominal carrying capacity is 110 kg, maximum – up to 200 kg). Under it is hidden a large trunk, which is locked with a key. Ahead like a familiar plastic fairing, but look closely – but there are two pocket-niches for things and bottles of water. There is a large display on the steering wheel itself: a speedometer, the indicator of the lights on, the battery level, the voltage in the network.

Even at first glance, it is noticeable that the Maxxter Speedy is noticeably larger and more massive (dimensions 175 x 78 x 119 cm, wheelbase 130 cm, 96 kg), and also rests on large wheels (3,2 x 14 '' ). And from the second – attention is attracted by a wide comfortable seat, under which is hidden the trunk and the "automatic" power outage, a large legroom, niche-pockets (with USB -connector for charging devices). Direction indicators are now in front and behind.

And so everywhere – Maxxter Speedy sets the sensation of an adult, mature model. Compared with the younger model, there is another design: for example, the battery is installed under the seat, and not under the footrest – as a result, the legroom is simply huge and low, you can put your feet as you like and, as a result, sit comfortably. Electric scooter Maxxter Speedy got just two steps: the first – side, the second – a stationary two-way. Finally, there are changes in the running gear: the front wheel adorns the openwork disc brake with the car-motorcycle slide and hydraulic drive.

Maxxter Speedy is riding very softly and comfortably – thanks to the large base, "thick" wheels, soft springs and shock absorbers. The electric motor built into the rear wheel offers a power of 800 watts – and this is felt on the ups or at the accelerations: the maximum speed reaches 45-50 km / h, but you do not want to go faster than 30-35 km / h. But with such a ride, you can practically not brake before unevenness: very stable behavior, I would say "confident." Moreover, the more carefully you go – the more you will pass: the promised range is 60-70 km. But sharp accelerations, lifts, high load and in this case are able to reduce the power reserve by 20-30% – respectively to 40-50 km.

A large display is speed, power reserve, light devices, error indicator in the system, voltage . The charging connector is installed under the seat, the time of full charge of the battery is about 7-8 hours. In addition to the side step, a double fixed stop is also provided. The battery is hidden inside the scooter, in fact under the seat.

Of the interesting features, I note a couple of buttons on the steering wheel. Firstly – the choice of maximum permissible power, which affects the speed, dynamics, power reserve. There are three positions of the control key: L (Low) – 50% power and a maximum of about 40 km / h; M (Medium) – 70% capacity and a maximum of about 45 km / h; H (High) – 100% power and the maximum possible speed, the scooter sometimes scored 45-50 km / h. Secondly, next to the other handle is the R button, which puts the electric motor in reverse mode: yes, there is a "reverse"! Finally, the third: an anti-theft alarm is provided, which not only squeaks in the event of an attempted theft of an electric scooter, but also blocks the electric motor in the rear wheel.

The electric motor is habitually built into the rear wheel. The traction control is also traditional – using the handle on the right. Of interesting details: a 3-position switch with maximum available power, a "reverse" button. The brakes are good for efficiency and quite correspond to the increased speed of a heavy scooter.

Let's sum up the intermediate results: Maxxter Speedy is probably one of the best large electric scooters I've met in the last year or two. A very balanced and comfortable model, which is well thought out in detail and, at the same time, offers quite an adequate price. By the way, about the prices and positioning in the market …

What is Maxxter?

Maxxter brand is Ukrainian roots plus production in China. The work of the Ukrainian side is to create a certain set of each device. And a market position has been chosen that one model of an electric scooter or a bicycle can only be in one version for the used battery (type, capacity) and electric motor (power) – so as not to confuse the buyer. Further, the production is located at a factory in China. It is also interesting that electric bicycles always receive lithium-ion, and electric scooters are always lead-acid batteries. Why is that? First, because of the price: lithium-ion battery significantly increases the cost of products. Secondly, because of the mass: plus a few kilograms can be critical for an electric bike, but not critical for an electric scooter that initially tightens on scales of 50 kg or more.

Today the name Maxxter is four years old, but if we take into account the total the time of the company (part of the EDG Group, computer accessories) is much more. The direction of electric bicycles and electric scooters was discovered relatively recently: a year ago bicycles started, for this summer season – scooters. The first successes are already there: for example, an extensive model line has been created – five electric bicycles and four electric scooters; there is an agreement on the supply of products to the EU – agreements have been signed with representatives in Poland and the Netherlands.

Model scale of electric transport Maxxter – four electric scooters and five electric bicycles. Models are chosen to provide the buyer with the widest choice: from the simplest, affordable, compact solutions to powerful and large electric scooters. The total product warranty is 12 months, the battery warranty is also 12 months.

Results and Conclusions

If we sum up the results of the acquaintance as a whole, it should be recognized that both models find their place in the market. The Maxxter Fancy electric scooter is a stylish, original, inexpensive transport that will appeal to teenagers and students. Its compactness can be viewed as a minus from the point of view of large adult people, but as soon as the storage of the scooter is concerned, small size and lightness will be a big plus.

Maxxter Speedy electric scooter will not work this way, because it is more massive and large. But this is his strength: to sit comfortably (even for two), rides gently, carries more. If the question is not style and compactness, but practicality and comfort, then I advise you to pay extra and choose the older model: at the moment Maxxter Speedy is, perhaps, one of the best electric scooters worth up to $ 1 thousand, with which I managed to get acquainted. [19659043] The editors express their gratitude to the EDG Group for their help in organizing the test drive

Technical characteristics

 We test electric scooters Maxxter Fancy and Maxxter Speedy

Maxxter Speedy

24 999 – 24 999 uah

Compare prices

Length [mm] 1750
Width, mm 780
Height, mm 1190
Seat height, mm no data
Wheelbase, mm 1300
Clearance, mm no data
Dry weight, kg 96
Payload, kg nominally – 110 kg; Maximum of 200 kg
The volume of the fuel tank, l
Power reserve (electro) up to 70 km
Engine type Electro
Number of cycles
] Engine capacity, cc. see
Maximum power, hp 1
Maximum power, kW 0,8
Torque, Nm no data
Number of valves per cylinder
Power system Electric current [19659051] Transmission type
Number of gears
Type and material of the gear unit frame type
type of front suspension fork – double shock absorbers
Front brakes disc, hydraulic
The size of the front tires 3,2 "x 14"
Type rear suspension and rocking fork + spring + shock absorber
Rear brakes drum
Rear tire size 3,2 "x 14"
Top speed, km / h 45
] Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s
Fuel consumption, city cycle, l / 100 km
Fuel consumption, mixed cycle, l / 100 km
] Fuel consumption, suburban cycle, l / 100 km
Optional Information LCD display, tubeless wear-resistant tires, anti-theft system, box for things

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