"Your move, Ilon Mask": Hyundai advertised a new electric KROs Electric, hinting at the lack of a worthy competitor from Tesla

Last year, Audi decided to advertise its future E-tron Sportback electric car, defeating the name of the founder Tesla, and at the beginning of this year the same tactics decided to use in Hyundai. Since it was not possible to find the consonance of the name Ilona Mask with the name Kona Electric or a catchy slogan, he was simply offered to make his move.

Note that the desire to popiaritsya on the name of a more successful competitor or simply to touch his feelings is inherent in many companies, even looks pretty interesting. Judging by the slogan "the first compact electric-recloser is already here", Korean developers and advertisers decided to simply remind Tesla that before the release of the promised model of a similar class, Model Y is still far away.

Recall that Hyundai Kona Electric crossover is an electric version of the manufacturer's model of the same name. It will appear on the market at the end of the current year – early next year in two versions with a power of 99 kW (135 hp), a battery of 39.2 kWh and a power reserve of 300 km, as well as a more expensive version with a capacity of 150 kW (204 hp). ), a battery of 64 kWh and a power reserve of 470 km.

As the call of the Koreans was reacted by Ilon Mask is not reported, but it is likely that he was occupied with much more interesting issues related to his companies Tesla, SpaceX and Boring Company .

Source: Electrek

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