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Microsoft introduced the laptop The New Surface Pro

Hybrid laptop Surface Pro 4 corporation from Redmond introduced us in 2015. Since then, the Web has been constantly rumored about the upcoming announcement of a new model of the device in this series . However, as a result, Microsoft did not announce Surface Pro 5, but a model called The New Surface Pro. In memory, immediately pops up Apple’s trick with the …

HoloLens: mixed reality by Microsoft version

While virtual reality is slowly making its way into life (VR helmets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, not to mention the hundreds of different variations of Google Cardboard, have been sold for a long time and have already managed to assemble their own group of enthusiasts), augmented and mixed reality is still in the experimental …

Microsoft acknowledged that in games the battery Surface Book 2 can be discharged even when the charger is connected

The owners of the new 15-inch Microsoft Surface Book 2 laptops face a problem that manifests itself in the depletion of battery power when running games or performing other high-end tasks. When using a complete battery charger, the energy of the battery is consumed faster than replenished from the network. This problem occurs in some games …

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