NVIDIA asked retailers to sell video cards primarily to gamers, and to push back the miners to the background

Last year, among other things, I was remembered by the deficit and a significant rise in price of video cards, caused largely by crypto currency fever. And although the beginning of this year for the market kriptovalyut in general and the miners in particular can not be called successful, the problem with inflated prices and the …

NVIDIA stops development of drivers for 32-bit OS

The era of 32-bit operating systems inevitably comes to an end. The other day, the California chipmaker NVIDIA announced the termination of the development of the appropriate drivers for the 32-bit versions of the Linux, Windows and FreeBSD operating systems. To be more precise, the 390 release of the NVIDIA firmware will be the last one, …

Updated: NVIDIA introduced the TITAN V graphics card on the new Volta architecture: 5120 CUDA cores, 12 GB of HBM2 memory and 250 W TDP – "only" $ 3000

. Unexpectedly, today NVIDIA unveiled the next generation VITA flagship video card, TITAN V, which, of course, became the most productive of the ever created NVIDIA. It is important to note that this GPU is positioned by the manufacturer as a consumer one, as far as possible at a price of $ 3,000 and targeting tasks …

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