For the third quarter of 2017, more than a million VR headsets were sold

No matter how some people abuse the virtual reality of technology for its obvious shortcomings, it surely continues to gain popularity. Yes, VR is not yet deprived of serious technical defects such as low resolution displays, wired connection to the source of the signal, as well as the "motion sickness" effect, which causes nausea in some users. However, the statistics of the sales of the virtual reality sets out that this technology has a big and bright future.

The analytical company Canalys published its report on sales of VR-headsets from the largest manufacturers for the third quarter of 2017. And these data inspire confidence that virtual reality is gaining momentum, and more people are choosing to purchase a strange device that moves them into a video game or 360-degree video. The main manufacturers of VR-helmets in just three months are managed to realize a little more than 1 million of these devices. You may think that this is a small number, but we have the very depressing.

Sony. She managed to sell 490 000 helmets PlayStation VR. Given that last week during the "Black Friday" the cost of the Sony headset was reduced almost twice, you can mentally add to this number a couple of hundreds of thousands of devices. While this data has not yet been made public. In total, Sony with its headset is managed to snatch 49% of the market, which is a very, very good indicator. The second place with 21% and 210 000 sold sets occupies the company Oculus. And on the third, as you might have guessed, with 14% woven HTC with 160 000 sold sets Vive.

In general, the top three current occupy 86% of the market. The remaining 14% are distributed among such players as Google, Samsung, Lenovo and others. Their headsets, are not able to compete with the broadest range of games and applications that can boast of Sony, Oculus and HTC. Sony shot its PlayStation VR so well that instantly snatched 80% of the Japanese market. And the Japanese do not intend to stop at the limit: they regularly release the helmet bandages, putting games like Gran Turismo Sport or Skyrim VR there.

Today, analysts are confident that the virtual reality in the coming years is waiting for an unprecedented rise. After all, these devices can not be used in the gaming industry, but also in industry, healthcare, education and other industries. Considering that Microsoft Mixed Reality, VR headsets from different manufacturers will be pouring into the market in the very near future. It was not long to wait for this.

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