Indian startup introduced electric bike for 10 thousand dollars

Developers of the Indian company Emflux for the last two years are engaged in the development of an inexpensive and practical sports electric motorcycle with a power reserve of 200 kilometers. One of the features of the motorcycle is the unique components that the company’s engineers created independently.

The Emflux One electric motor with a capacity of 80 horsepower is powered by a 9.7 kW-h lithium-ion battery, so that the motorcycle can accelerate up to 200 kilometers per hour. The speed of a hundred kilometers per hour, he reaches in just three seconds – just like a good sports bike. One of the main advantages is price. Emflux One will cost just under ten thousand US dollars, which is quite good for a modern electric motorcycle. Usually, electric bikes of this class are quite expensive, that’s why the developers are going to attract buyers in the first place.

Nevertheless, writesNew Atlas, independent tests of the working prototype have not yet been conducted, so now you can only rely on the assurances of the creators themselves. And they promise that in addition to the serious technical characteristics of their motorcycle can boast of high-tech stuffing. Emflux One will be equipped with a modern navigation system, can work with all communication standards, and its operating system will receive updates with new features.

Despite the attractive price, good characteristics and attractive appearance, the motorcycle can not be bought for the present – the working prototype is ready though, but it is still very far to serial production of a motorcycle. Details the developers promise to report later.

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