The largest laser show in history took place in Las Vegas

ER Production


The largest laser show in history took place in Las Vegas

yesterday at 14:46, Alexander Ageev ,


ER Production

On November 18, the British company ER Production set a world record during a laser show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in honor of its decade, using 314 lasers.

Thus, ER Production beat its own previous world record of a year ago, established in Milan, where 220 lasers were involved. The grand laser presentation became part of the international exhibition Live Design International. The record did not go unnoticed, taking its rightful place in the Guinness Book of Records.

During the show, which lasted 30 minutes, lasers consumed only 1.377 watts of energy. It took 72 hours to install equipment weighing 13.2 tons and costing 3.4 million dollars. During this time, 11 km of cable was laid and a wall was built of equipment measuring 100 x 15 meters. At the same time, it was installed in such a way that none of the laser beams could reach the boundaries of McCarthan International Airport.

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